Drink Your Glow: What I Discovered About New Beauty Buzzworthy OMONO

Fake it till you make it, they say. And when I began to notice my skin didn’t look as fresh-faced as it once did, I took note. In a panic, I set out to rectify that with constant care from creams, serums, and loads of makeup to fake it when I couldn’t make it.

In recent years, however, I’ve gravitated towards Asian skincare products. I mean, have you seen the women over there? They look ageless! They have to have some special skincare secret that they’re hoarding for themselves, right?

Turns out, there’s this new skin care miracle from Japan called OMONO that is a total industry breakthrough. The instructions claim that mixing just one powdered sachet in with any beverage once per day will completely take years off your skin.

Me being the skincare-loving gal that I am and an intense skeptic, I had to try it out and here’s what I’ve discovered about OMONO followed by the answer to your no-doubt burning question…does it work?!

Sit tight. Here’s some fast facts about OMONO:

– It was developed by a leading team of Japanese scientists.

– It promises glowing, ageless skin in as little as 2 weeks.

– It naturally targets skin care from within.

– It boasts a 60-day guarantee. You get your money back if you don’t see results.

Why OMONO is different

With OMONO, you don’t put it on your skin. You drink it. As simple as that. While this might seem a bit perplexing, what you need to remember is that your skin is an organ of your body. In fact, it’s the largest organ you’ve got. Proper nutrition and nourishment from within definitely plays a big role here.

So, you can slather on pricey creams all you like, but if you refuse to work on your skin from the inside, it’s going to destroy your efforts. OMONO contains some extra boosters of scientifically-backed ingredients to help create gorgeously-glowing, youthful skin from within. That last bit was what the people at OMONO told me.

What’s in OMONO?

Naturally, I needed to know just what was in the product that would turn my skin back to its former glory. Turns out, there are some of the most stellar ingredients in there. And putting them all together in one formula really sounded brilliant.

– Astaxanthin

I was pleased to see this ingredient listed. I’m a bit of a science-nerd so I’ve heard of astaxanthin, which is hailed as the most powerful antioxidant in the world. It’s like the fountain of youth in supplemental form, turning back the clock from within to smooth skin on the outside while keeping it protected from UV ray damage in the future.

– Collagen

When production of collagen in your skin starts to slow down after your 20s, getting more of it in your body is the way to make a positive impact. The biggest thing though is to get it on the inside because it does absolutely no good applying it topically.

– Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is something our bodies produce naturally, and like collagen, slows down over time. Since this molecule can retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water, it is an ideal hydration-booster which means dazzling skin!

– L-Cysteine

For a well-rounded anti-aging skin care routine, OMONO includes L-cysteine, which helps hyperpigmentation and dullness give way to reveal fresher skin.

– Elastin

Another important component in skin that gives it that youthful bounce is elastin. With this component in OMONO, it helps build suppleness and keep it flexible.

– Biotin

And finally, there’s biotin which serves skin (and hair too) with glowing beauty and strength for a flawless look!

Hello, gorgeously plumped up skin!

On the first day, I mixed my OMONO sachet with my morning coffee. It has a delicious vanilla flavoring that I really enjoyed. I felt energized and balanced all day. On the second day, I forgot to put it in my morning coffee so I mixed it in my water bottle and hurried off the gym. The taste was a surprising delight!

By the end of the week, I noticed that I really just felt more energetic overall and that my skin seemed to light up a little from within. Like, I couldn’t explain it. I didn’t tell anyone that I was using OMONO either and got some compliments from coworkers. My best friend demanded to know why I looked slightly different (in a good way).

After using OMONO for 2 weeks, I felt more confident with less makeup. I loved that I could feel good in my own skin. It looked fresher and bouncier, and just seemed more ‘alive.’

Fast forward, I’ve been using OMONO for a month and I don’t think I’ll ever give it up. There is no need for me to use as many corrective creams or concealers. And I’ll just make sure to drink my take of OMONO every day.

So, what are my thoughts on OMONO?

Real talk, this is one of the most effective product I’ve tried to date, largely because it focuses on beauty from the inside out. And with this form of natural skin care, you can expect real results. Creams that boast the same ingredients like collagen aren’t truly effective. Any dermatologist out there will tell you that collagen, for example, is too large a molecule to penetrate the skin when applied topically.

In a form like OMONO though, it all boils down to science. The various nutrient peptides are digested and broken down into smaller molecules, then ultimately retained in our skin tissues. According to Dr. Justine Kluk, a London-based consultant dermatologist, these small nutrients are then absorbed into the gut and “have been shown to appear one hour after ingestion in the bloodstream.” She went on to suggest that the absorbed peptides can then effectively reach and be kept in the skin, according to multiple radioactive investigations. 

So smear the creams on all you like, but my money is on OMONO.

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