How to Dress for a Night at the Theater


A night at the theater could be the perfect way to spend a memorable evening with your significant other or your friends. You have the opportunity to experience seeing some extremely talented individuals, whether you are heading out to see an opera, a musical, a Broadway play, or a ballet, and you get to dress up for the occasion so that you can look professional and sophisticated. But what exactly should you be wearing for a night at the theater so that you can ensure that you will look your very best and blend in perfectly with the high-class crowd? Keep reading for a few helpful tips so that you can find the perfect outfit, whether you are a man or a woman.

Is It Opening Night at the Theater?

If you purchased some Red Rocks tickets to an opening night event, you should go all-out and dress just as you would dress for any other black-tie event. If it is not opening night, however, you do not have to go to such extremes with your fashion, and you can instead stick with what you would wear to a typical cocktail party, such as a tailored shirt, a nice pair of shoes, and trousers, or a designer suit if you are a man. If you are a woman attending an opening night event, you could wear a fancy gown, but if it is not opening night, a lovely cocktail dress with a cute pair of heels and some accessories would suffice.

Consider the Location of the Event

When determining what you will wear to the theater, you should also consider the location of the venue. If you were in Burlington, Vermont, for example, you typically would not show up at the ballet wearing an evening gown, even though that is quite common in a place like New York City. Simply doing a little bit of research into what type of attire is expected will definitely take out a lot of the guesswork involved with deciding what to wear. While formal attire is often preferred, there are venues where it is absolutely fine to wear really casual clothes, such as a clean pair of jeans and a clean-cut top.

Consider the Time of the Event

Another thing to consider when you are trying to figure out what you should wear for a night to the theater is the fact that you will be attending in the evening. A good rule to follow is that evening events will require more formal attire, while daytime affairs, such as matinees, can be more casual. Gala nights are a whole other class of events that stand on their own, much like opening nights, so those will definitely require more formal attire for both men and women in attendance.

Keep It Simple but Accessorize Like a Pro

Even if you keep your outfit a bit more on the casual side, without going all-out and wearing something very formal or something that would be appropriate for a cocktail party, you can dress up any outfit by donning the right accessories.

It all starts with the shoes, so whether you are a man or woman, make sure you wear a pair of clean shoes that are in good condition and professional in appearance. Do not simply wear sneakers. Then move on to jewelry that will dress up your outfit. If you are a man, a nice watch could suffice, but if you are a woman, you can wear anything from boho inspired jewelry to diamond accessories that will take your outfit to a whole other level.

Ladies can also accessorize with cute belts and scarves, as well as handbags, in order to complete an outfit for a night at the theater. Ultimately, you want your own personal style to shine through while adhering to the standards that have been set for the event that you will be attending.

When you are putting together an outfit for an event that you will be attending at a local theater, consider a few things, including the type of event that you will be attending, the time of day that you will be checking out the event, and what is expected of you based upon the location of the theater. While some establishments and certain events do require that you really get a fancy outfit together, there is a lot more flexibility than there used to be when it comes to a night at the theater, and you may very well get away with a really casual outfit.

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