Double-hung Vs. Casement Windows – Which Is Best For You?

casement windows

The windows in your house add to the beauty and energy that you desire for. There is a wide variety of windows and doors available in the market. Hence it can be a little difficult for you to decide which one fits best for the opening of your window. Their cost and feature distinction can provide a clearer view and your decision can be a little easier. Renewal by Andersen offers high quality home window replacement. Their window products is made of Fibrex® it is two times stronger than vinyl and last longer than other materials. You should take care of your house’s interior and exterior and look for those windows that are available with customization options. For instance, Renewal by Andersen window installation offers fully customized replacement windows that are durable and energy efficient too. Let’s first learn about their designs.

Casement Windows

These windows slide like a door with the help of a gearbox attached to the interior crank of your house. The window shuts and opens with the push of that gearbox. The window shutting becomes secured by adding an interior latch. The casement windows that come with the ability to get opened up to 90 degrees on either side should be installed for better cleaning purposes. They are available with a handle that folds downwards.

Double- Hung Windows

These windows have sliding phenomenon too. The casement windows slide horizontally and on the other hand, the double-hung windows slide vertically. The double-hung windows come with both upper and lower sash. The operable sash id the lower one generally.

But the window can be a slide with the help of the upper sash as well. These windows owe the ‘double’ in their name due to this double functioning. A spring-loaded balance allows this upward and downward movement. The easy tilt-in allows you to clean the windows from both sides.

Now Let Us Compare The Two Windows Based On Certain Factors:

  1. Screens: In the double-hung windows the screens are on the outer side whereas in the case of casement windows screen is present inside. A double or triple-pane glass can be fixed in the window panes of both types.
  2. Ventilation: The two window types are equally good when it comes to providing ventilation. The double-hung windows come with an option of two sashes- the upper sash, the lower sash that allows a nice breeze inside the house. The casement windows, when open, can provide great ventilation if the surface area is ample when the window gets opened.
  3. Seal: The casement windows do not come with a sliding track and thus their seal is pretty tight. The double-hung windows do not have a bad seal either. Multiple bulb seals can be coupled with the upper and lower sashes to have a tight seal. They both have great resistance to air infiltration. The energy efficiency is equally good in both windows types.
  4. Cost: The casement windows are found at a bit higher price, unlike double double-hung windows which are available at a fair and reasonable price. The cost generally depends on the material, glass pane, and other options chosen by the owner. Casement windows can cost twice the cost of double-hung windows.
  5. Placement: The larger glasses of the window can attract a lot of heat through the sunlight. In that case, you choose a low emissivity glass. Such glass panes minimize the impact of ultraviolet rays and infrared light entering your house. You can choose a triple pane glass if the window opening is located at a place where direct sunlight is present all day. Casement windows are a better choice for a kitchen. You might face difficulty in opening and closing double-hung windows in your kitchen.

The double-hung windows act s an ideal option for bedrooms because they can provide great ventilation with their upper and lower sashes. On the other hand, you should install a casement window for exploring the outdoor view. Thus these windows can be installed in the living room and hall.


The casement and double-hung windows have ceratin differences that make them suitable for particular locations. If you are an explorer of the outdoor view then hands down you should choose the casement window. These windows do not have any bar in the middle which provides an unobstructed outside view. The double-hung windows have a horizontal bar. The fiberglass can help curb the issue of blurry visuals by providing a seamless view of outside. Both have their benefits and drawbacks but we are sure that the advantages are anyway more in number in both cases. Windows and doors enhance the beauty of your place in their own way.

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