Do`s And Dont`s Of Workout Wear


It might seem easy to choose what to wear for a workout, but actually you may either impress and surprise someone, or spoil the mood if you don’t wear properly in the gym. It may look as if it’s not a really very big deal what kind of clothes to wear, but in reality, it matters. So, here we go with the do’s and don’ts for wearing to the gym:

  1. Don’t Wear a Cotton T-Shirt

Yes, it’s comfortable to wear such a tee on a daily basis, however, it’s not the best option for wearing for a workout. First of all, it absorbs the sweat, and therefore, becomes too heavy to continue exercising in. Secondly, after being washed in a machine, it becomes baggy and too unattractive. So, you’d rather think twice before you wear it next time.

  1. Do Take Your Watch or Jewelry Off

Sometimes your coach will inform you about that, sometimes not. But you have to be aware of the fact that if these things get hooked to some parts of your clothes or hair, your ears or hair might be damaged. So, it’s better to leave them in a dressing room.

  1.  Do Have a Look at the Cool Shoes for Crossfit  

Exercising in comfortable shoes is also very important. The CrossFit shoes must be able to let the air come through the pores in them so that the shoes can “breathe”. Find the pair, which will add extra colors to your look. You may choose the bright shoes, for example, to accentuate this detail of clothes.

  1. Do Wash All Your Workout Clothes After Each Session

It’s really very impolite and such a bad habit when a person works out in the same T-shirt every other day and the awful smell is being spread everywhere he or she goes. Don’t let people think you are a sloven. Keep them having the greatest emotions about you.

  1. Don’t Strip in the Gym

Yeah, it may be hot sometimes, but in general, it’s a sign of a lack of abiding the etiquette rules. There is no need to show off and demonstrate all the advantages of your fit figure in the gym. You may do it somewhere else, but in a workout room, it will be inappropriate.

  1. Don’t Forget About Proper Underwear

Find the underwear that is comfortable. If you are a lady, it must be a built-in bra, for example. The pants should be also made of a proper tissue so that they could expand. You may find them in your local sports shops.

  1. Do Be Creative and Choose the Brightest Colors of the Clothes

It’s time to go wild and experiment with colors. You are not in the office at this time, so you can wear whatever you want, if only it suited you. The only thing you have to remember is that your clothes should be on, as it was written in one of the steps above.

             We guess you’ve finally got the idea of going to the gym regarding clothes. Even if you won’t find your style at first, you may take time when visiting the gym for some period of time and figure out which clothes you would wear and which one you wouldn’t. Sooner or later, you will find your own way of representation of yourself in the gym, if only you keep on attending it.

            Have a great workout in the best clothes!

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