Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Leather Leggings

leather leggings

Leather leggings are a bold and beautiful choice. So, muster the courage to give them a try. And, you never know you may be able to pull them off like your favorite celebrity. However, before you step out to go buy yourself a pair, here are a few dos and don’ts that you must consider.

Do not treat leather leggings like leather pants

Leggings aren’t pants, and never will be. Leather pants for men are super fitted, do not hold pockets and do not feel the same as their cotton counterparts. If you are aiming at styling a daytime look, try not to pair your leggings with a crop top. Since a crop top is likely to be a tight garment, the ensemble may not exude the look you wish to achieve. Instead, wear a tunic or relaxed top to create the right balance with these bottoms.

Do notpair leggings with more leather

Yes, leather is in vogue. But, that doesn’t mean you wear a pair of leather leggings with more leather. Do not reach out for a leather jacket to go with your leggings. Instead, team them with suede, silk, cotton, and even denim for a more trendy look. Since leggings are neutral, you can pick light colors and prints to create a more vibrant look.

Do not fear sporting a pair of leather leggings

Do not categorize a pair of leather leggings as a hard to wear clothing item. You can make your leather leggings appropriate to wear during the day or night by teaming them with the right kind of accessories. If you plan on wearing them at day, as mentioned earlier pair those with flow-eye and pastel colored tops. You may also wear them with a white button up and a simple pair of flats. For a date night, wear the leggings with a bright tank top and loads of layered jewelry. Today, leather leggings are no longer feared, they are a safe comfort wear. Buy yourself a pair today.

Do add on a few layers

With winter around the corner, and the temperature beginning to dip, it is time to dress up warm. Reach out to your collection of jackets, vests, and cardigans that you normally wear with a pair of jeans. Wear a long top in a contrasting color to cover the crotch area and add a denim jacket over it. Mix and match jackets and sweaters with your leggings for an uber cool look.

Don’t wear leather leggings to work

Leather pants and leggings are certainly the trendiest pieces man has crafted. However, be selective regarding where you were them. You can wear them on a date night, to a party or a bar, but refrain from wearing it to work. Even with the most formal shirt with leather jacket, a pair of leggings will look too casual and inappropriate to wear to your work place.

Armed with these simple tips, you can make look fashionable, chic and smart in your pair of leather leggings. Feel free to experiment, mix and match and create a splendid ensemble that you feel comfortable wearing.

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