Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Fashion

men's fashion

It’s not just women who make the odd fashion faux pas, men are guilty too. We’ve seen cheesy slogan T-Shirts, such as “blink if you want me.” No thanks, I’d rather glue my eyelids open! We’ve endured those awful drop-crotch trousers – is that a sagging diaper in your jeans or are you just pleased to see me? And let’s not forget novelty ties, sandals with socks and dodgy hairpieces for men. Getting it right can be very tricky – take a look at our brief guide on the do’s and don’ts of men’s fashion.

There’s many a man has more hair than wit – William Shakespeare.

Your face and hair are often the first thing people notice – so make the most of both. If you’re thinning on top and not happy about it you don’t have to put up and shut up, there are numerous hairpieces for men now on the market. The good news is that things have moved on from the days when you sneakily sniggered as old Uncle Bernard’s ill-fitting artificial rug slid sideways from his bonce. Hairpieces today are designed with authenticity in mind, so you don’t have to resign yourself to bald patches or shaving your head (unless you’re planning to totally rock the Vin Diesel look), in which case we suggest you grab a razor and go for it.

If you are the proud owner of a lustrous mane of hair then look after it, keep it clean and get it cut regularly. If you are still trying to carry off the hairstyle a barber gave you ten years ago then the chances are you are failing miserably. Your hair should not only suit your face shape but also your look. You don’t need to follow the latest trends either – this is about what looks good on you.

Hair Do: Choose a great style that suits your face shape and look.

Hair Don’t: Keep the same style you’ve had forever… yawn!

The scruffier your beard, the sharper you need to dress – Ashton Kutcher.

Let’s look at another hairy subject – facial hair. The beard has seen a return to popularity, once donned by those who couldn’t be bothered or couldn’t afford the clean-shaven look, nowadays it’s a key accessory for many.

Bushy or neatly trimmed to frame the chin it seems if it’s good enough for the A-Listers (Idris Elba, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Kanye West have all known to favour facial fuzz), then it’s good enough for the average Joe.

Beard Do: Keep your beard in check and keep it clean – mop up those crumbs!

Beard Don’t: Go for a goatee – looks rather like a lady’s bits say no more.

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them – Marc Jacobs.
Neutral, black and navy – all safe and traditionally “male” colours, but don’t be afraid of colour. Those in the know are touting sage as the colour of choice for next season. However, don’t blindly follow fashion trends – 2019 also looks to be the year for wearing a suit with nothing underneath. We can’t see the shirtless look taking off somehow, on the up there are no pesky shirts to iron, on the down it means more gym team and keeping on top of wayward chest hair.

Classic always works well and if you are looking for an all-purpose shirt that offers a smart yet casual look then the denim shirt is still a great option. Cool and comfy it’s one of those garments that just about anyone can pull off. Patterns can also be fun but choose wisely – on certain people palm tree print shirts can look cheap rather than chic!

Black jeans also work well for most men, again they are great for laid back casual days but can also be worn out for a smarter look. Another plus point? If you are out for a curry and beer black is very forgiving if you are unfortunate enough to experience a spillage! As for classic blue denim, there are so many styles you may need to spend a little time in the dreaded changing room before you find the perfect pair of jeans for you.

Clothing Do: Quality counts, natural fibres always look better and last longer.

Clothing Don’t: Become a dedicated follower of fashion. Know your own style!

Shoes make an outfit; they’re like rims for a car – Omari Hardwick.
Let’s start with the basics and one key rule that should never be broken – sandals teamed with socks. No, no and no again. If it’s sunny and warm free your toes and by all means pop those sandals on as you stroll along the promenade.

If it’s too cold to go sock free then for pity’s sake it’s not a day for sandals. End of. UGGs are another one to be wary of, great on models who can just about rock any look, not so hot for a guy heading out to do a weekly food shop or meet the lads for a beer. If you have to own a pair keep them for cosy days in front of the TV.

If you like to wear a sharp suit team it with smart shoes (no scuffs and marks) and go for shoes that are a darker hue than the shade of your suit.  When it comes to socks and belts you should be mindful of how they look with your chosen footwear. Novelty custom ankle socks might work for Christmas and when you’re lounging around the house, but otherwise we suggest you opt for neutral ones that subtly shade the gap between your trouser and your shoe. As for your belt, make sure there isn’t a huge contrast between it and the colour of your shoes – for instance steer clear of the brown belt, black shoe combo.

Shoe Do: Choose fit over style (but still make sure you look good)!

Shoe Don’t: Wear trainers with everything – smart shoes can be edgy.

I get to see life through rose-coloured glasses a lot of the time- Usher

Glasses can enhance your look, whether you are wearing a pair to shade your eyes from the sun, just for fashion or so you can just see where the hell you’re going. If you’re going to go for glasses then think about the shape that suits your face. Round frames tend to suit people with an angular shaped face, whilst angular frames look good on those with rounder faces. However, the best (and only) way to discover the right style for you is to try a few pairs on.

Glasses Do: Wear your chosen glasses with confidence.

Glasses Don’t: Chew the arms of your glasses – yuck!

I don’t like silk underwear. They don’t do the job, you know? Matt LeBlanc 

How many pairs of underpants do you have in your undies drawer? Chances are you haven’t counted! If you regularly go commando or find yourself (heaven forbid) turning a pair inside out or (even worse) carrying out the sniff test then it really is time to top up that underwear drawer. You need at least ten pairs of pants to get you through the week (seven plus a three for backup)! If you are a bit of a gym bunny, work in a sweaty environment and shower lots (or do your laundry very rarely) then we suggest you invest in a few more pairs.

Undie Do:  Buy the right size, small pants will cut into you and large ones will sag!

Undie Don’t: Just go for style, the best pants are comfy and require little adjustment.

Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality – Shawn Ashmore.

Style is a personal thing, you shouldn’t feel obliged to fit in, follow the crowd or stick to all the “fashion rules,” you hear. As a male you might feel that shopping is not a pastime that you want to invest too much of your time in, however looking good should be something you take to heart.

Steer clear of clothes that are too baggy, fit is everything so if it doesn’t feel right when you buy off the peg then make friends with a talented tailor and make use of him. Try and get familiar with your body shape and try a few different styles and colours – you might surprise yourself regarding what looks good. Quality also counts, so buy well and buy once – leather, cotton, silk, wool – all fabrics that are a durable and look good.

Finally, always check your reflection before you leave, the last thing you want is a chunk of spinach between your teeth spoiling your stylish look!

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