Don’t Miss these Decoration and Storage Mudroom Ideas


If you are tired of facing your mudroom and feel that is the most chaotic area of your otherwise well-maintained home then it is time to make some positive changes. Far from becoming a messy catchall for your winter gear, shoes and outdoor things, the mudroom or entry room of your residential space can be organized in an orderly fashion to bring you many ‘wows.’

These days, there is no dearth of designers’ top tips for keeping this high-traffic and functional space of your home well-decorated and adored. Here, we have collated some of the best storage and decoration hacks to make your mudroom a more appealing place to be in. Read on to create a difference.

Design the area with kids and family members in mind

If you are sharing your space with kids, the elderly and other loved ones, then you need to take care of the ways in which they will all be using the space. For instance, as a parent, you may be instructing your kids to use the open areas on your porch to leave their dirty shoes or mud-ridden coats in. This is a probability because they are more likely to leave their things on hooks, on chairs, or on the floor, rather than open the specially designated closets and storage spaces to look for hangers. How about including low hanging hooks and shelves in this utility area that can be reached easily by your kids. Placing such hooks and complementary racks at different levels will sort out the issue on hand and will make your mudroom serve as a perfect instance of low-maintenance entry for all family members.

A bench is a must-have!

In most cases, mudrooms happen to be narrow passageways that are cordoned off in the passage leading to a laundry room or kitchen. In case the available space is not too restricted, consider including a bench in your mudroom. So, if you can afford a shallow bench area, the idea is worthy of the cause as it will allow one and all a nice seating space for wearing or taking off their boots.

Also, convenient for setting down a shopping bag, lady’s purse or laptop bag, the bench seating should have an open base to include additional underneath storage area for your shoes and other regularly used footwear. A good design would relate to having an open entryway mudroom featuring smart-looking foyer benches that are suited to store accessories and house shoes beneath them. The other storage ideas would include a standalone closet with a hanging rack and a storage shelf.

Make the area look elegant and stylish

Designers of contemporary homes do not wish to leave out the element of style while decorating mudrooms, and rightfully so. Why should this utility area look any less elegant than the rest of your personal space? This is especially true when you create a traditional walk-through area to serve as your mudroom.

Far from designing a boring and sterile space that always gives off a utility room feel, try to incorporate lodge-inspired, rustic elements that go well with the theme and decor of the rest of your traditionally decorated home. You may want to include wooden artwork, case goods and accessories to add your personal style statement to the space. A bit of personalization would work well in keeping the designated functional area as warm and good looking as the rest of the rooms and passageways in your home.

Tucked away in the best possible way

There are some homes that do not need an elaborate space for serving as a mudroom. A mall entryway that has an easy-to-access place for tucking away shoes and coats would do just as well. Also, there may not be any need to include a separate formally created storage unit for stacking hangers for coats, hooks for caps, or racks for shoe polish and brushes. The ideas for storage and decoration of mudrooms in such homes are best kept under-toned and minimalistic.

For instance, if you happen to have such a home, just use a large enough closet for stacking your winter gear. If you feel like adding an antique bench for comfort, try placing it in front of a full-length mirror that proves to be very useful for those essential last-minute appearance checks.

Create a space that gives a flowy feel

Yet another good idea is to design a rustic, cottage-type mudroom that flows into one room from the other. This space would double up as an elegant indoor/outdoor breezeway to incorporate the right weather elements and keep the mudroom area free from bad smells, molds and fungus growth brought about by dirt and moisture retention.

In case of mudroom pathways that run from room-to-room, it is essential to incorporate both outdoor and indoor elements to make way for successful movements. As mudrooms in general serve to be a smooth transition between the exterior and interior, choose materials after keeping some vital visual and functional factors in mind. Overall, the design of your mudroom has to be based on the designing of your landscape and interiors – so choose the decoration and storage products accordingly.

Multipurpose solutions at their best

Active and busy families with kids would need a few extra shelves in their mudrooms for storing shoes, backpacks, coats, and sporting equipment. For example, an 8-by-20-foot utility space can be transformed into a multifunctional laundry room or mudroom situated in an area outside the kitchen. A transitional storage unit or open locker can be added with plenty of hooks, shoe storage and bins for holding smaller items. Adding the attribute of multifunctionality allows family members with individual needs to go about their tasks quickly and effectively.

Now that you have determined the importance and functionality of a mudroom, you may want to see many mudroom ideas here. Look for top tips that adhere to your immediate and future requirements of having a good-looking yet easily usable entry way.  A bit of personalization will help you achieve the mudroom of your dreams – go for it.



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