Does great user experience translate to great customer experience?

user experience

User experience helps companies build better products and offer better services to their customers, but companies need to give good customer experience if they wish to retain their customers. User experience can be limited to a single screen or product. The things you can do on that screen or product play a vital part in describing one’s user experience. Customer support goes beyond that one screen or product. It is about the screen or product interacts with other screens and products respectively.

Thus, the user experience is enough to create a great product or screen, but to provide a good customer experience companies have to touch many other points besides just the screen or product. These points have to be touched over long periods of time constantly.

The importance of customer experience to any brand

In the past companies and brands could make the customer think and understand what they stand for. However, nowadays that is not possible. This is because the customer has started to decide what each brand stands for based on the customer experience they get from it. In fact, the better the experience the customer has the more successful the brand is. That means companies must strive to give their customers an experience they would love and by doing so force them to come back again and again. Many of the successful brands like Amazon have done this.

How has the experience of the customer changed brands in the digital age?

Customers no longer associate a brad with only its website or logo. Things have gone much further. Today only if a brand can provide its customer a consistent experience will they develop an emotional attachment towards the brand. Customers will not only buy from the brand that provides them with a positive vibe, but also recommend them to their family and friends.

Why do companies need to improve their experience they provide to customers?

Companies who strive to improve the experience their customers feel when they do business with them are as follows:

Improved customer retention

By providing customers with products and services that do both what the want as well as need, companies can improve their experience. The more satisfied a customer is the more loyal he/she is. To do this companies must give products that are well designed.

Revenue Increases

Designing products keeping customer experience in mind will result in products that the customer will find easy to use. As a result these customers will form an emotional bond with the company or brand and where there is an emotional bond, there is sure to be loyal as well. And loyal customers are willing to spend more which will increase revenue.

Improved efficiency in development

By analyzing the experience of the customer, companies can build the desired product more effectively. This will result in less money needed for developing the product.

Fewer customers will contact support

When the customer is happy with the products bought from the company, they are less likely to contact the support team. When this happens the expenses of the company go down.

Chances of developing the wrong product are low

When companies have an idea of what the customer wants, they will spend their time and resources in developing the correct product. That will reduce the chances of the wrong product being developed.

How do companies understand the experience felt by the customer?

There are several qualities companies must possess if they want to understand the experience of the customer.

Have a flexible mindset

Companies’ mindset must not only be flexible, but must also be able to adapt and empathize with the customer.

Have an understanding of the options available

To provide the customer with the best possible experience, companies must be full of the options available to them. This will save them from having to develop things that already exist.

Turn it into a story

The way a customer uses a product and how feels at each step can be written as a story. Companies can use these stories to decide which things deserve priority.

Finalize your decisions

Once companies have formed the stores and decided the priorities, they should put down on paper. This will prevent anyone from making unnecessary changes later on.

Confirming the requirements is a must

Companies must confirm that these are requirements of the customer. When this is done, companies can boldly move forward with the development.

Have real users test the product

After the product has been developed, companies need to test to ensure that it meets the specification mentioned. The best way to do this is by having some of the real users test the product. By doing these companies can find bugs or problems easily and solve them.

Success stories

One of the companies that had the biggest success using this philosophy is Amazon. The company has provided its customers with the best possible experience which why it is the biggest retailer in the world. Also, when it comes to America they are the most valued retailer.

Parting words

Companies that are capable of delivering a good experience to their customers will thrive. Gone are the days when companies can decide how their customers think and view them.

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