Do You Know iTop VPN?

Here we are going to talk about iTop VPN, advantages of this VPN and how you can use this VPN? At first I would like to clear about VPN and why we use it?

What is VPN?

VPN is the virtual private network. VPN is mostly used for the online security and for privacy. If you want to secure your important information for example mails, bill payments, transactions and other data from the hackers then you can use VPN to secure your personal information. In the present time it is possible to secure your personal information online by using free VPN. If you are doing web serving or transaction on an UN secure connected public network then its mean that you are exposing your private information and your browsing habits. It is so dangerous to think but if you use VPN it provide you protected network connection. It encrypts your internet traffic and hide your online identity. VPN is totally legal and individuals and also companies use VPN to save their data from the hackers.

Now we will talk about iTop VPN.

iTop VPN:

 It is a server application and you can see a worldwide server in this application. It is very fast and secure too, you can use any global server in this VPN. You can download iTop VPN in your android devices, in IOS devices and also you can use iTop VPN (VPN for Windows). This is best VPN for the PC use.

Install iTop VPN in your device; create your account on iTop VPN if you have already your account on iTop VPN then you just simply login. When you successfully login to this VPN then you will see a connect button when you tap to connect then a smart server is connected automatically. Also you can see a smart location option and on smart location option you can connect to the fast and secure servers of different countries.

You can get multiple benefits if you use iTop VPN which is the best free VPN for Windows.

Benefits of iTop VPN:

You can secure your privacy by using iTop VPN, for example if you are connected to the public wifi network and you are doing your online transaction and many other online activities then there is a security risk and iTop VPN is best for all your security purposes you can use iTop VPN.


When we talk about the features OF iTop VPN then you can see three modes in iTop VPN.

  1. First mode is Auto mode; if you use iTop VPN in auto mode then it will be flexible for you for browsing. If you want to save your browsing then you can use iTop VPN, it is best for you.
  2. The second mode is TCP (Transmission control Protocol) it is extremely secured if security is your concern, if you want to do an activity in a high security then you can consider iTop VPN.
  3. Third mode is UDP (User Data Protocol) if you want to do an ultra fast streaming and gaming then you can use iTop VPN.

I recommend you to use this VPN because iTop VPN is the best VPN and I’m sure that you will feel better experience if you use iTop VPN.

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