Do Science and Technology Prove the Existence of Psychic Phenomenon?

While it is probably safe to assume that most people working within the sciences lack faith in the paranormal, there is a growing body of scientists who believe that something beyond what the known senses can detect is out there. They are not discounting a spiritual realm and they certainly aren’t discounting life on another planet in another universe or solar system within ours.

There is, in fact, so much which cannot be explained in any ‘rational’ scientific way that there must be something which we have yet to discover how to prove. Do science and technology prove the existence of psychic phenomenon? The answer actually lies in what they cannot disprove!

The Words of One Notable American Psychologist

Just a couple of years ago, one notable American psychologist was brave enough to step into the limelight by writing an article published in Psychology Today. Dr. Steve Taylor, Ph.D. says that many of his colleagues are not quite sure what to make of him because he is not ruling out the possibility of precognition and telepathy. While he admits that there is a growing group of those in his field who accept the likelihood of such things as clairvoyance and pre-cognizance, there are others who simply refuse to believe in anything they cannot see, feel, hear, taste or smell.

Many people already know and accept such things because they regularly consult with a good phone psychic who offers guidance that turns out to be irrefutable. In fact, many of our political leaders now and in the past have consulted with psychics and mediums to get counsel before making major decisions that would impact their constituency.

Is Reality Real? Not a Leading Question

Dr. Taylor goes on to explain that many of his colleagues are arrogant in thinking that this is all there is to reality and that there is nothing else which can be proven. He points out that many things which mankind takes for granted are not understood in the animal kingdom and there is no way of actually knowing what is out there that we cannot prove. How can you prove the existence or nonexistence of something you are unaware of? For this reason, not only is he not denying the presence of clairvoyance but he is also certain that there is a growing body of evidence in support of psychic phenomenon.

No Proof of Consciousness – It’s Still Largely up to Conjecture

Because psychic phenomenon deals with areas of the brain still not totally understood, he believes that there will come a day when science will be able to tap into those areas to see what is there and how it happens. He points out that, to date, there are only presumptions in how consciousness works and how to measure it. We know that people are conscious because there is increased brain activity, but where exactly is the connection? When a psychic is giving a reading, that activity is the same if not heightened. He believes that this heightened cerebral activity is the proof that there is another realm of consciousness in which psychics are able to function. His science and the technology used to measure brain activity are all the proof he needs to support his beliefs that there is a realm most of us can’t sense but is there nonetheless.

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