Dj Tristan Hendy released his new track Eyes Frozen Cold

Tristan has been making music across various genres and styles; from garage punk bands in Detroit (The Preservatones, Quality Unit), to prog-indie-rock (Mons) to alternative post-punk in LA (Native June, produced by Tony Maserati) to trip-hop (AS2) to psychedelic indie R ‘n ‘B (Bullet Made Statues, mastered by Joe Gastwirt) to dubstep (Recreational Use) to his own solo piano album to DJing into any genre that tickles his fancy.

All those musical styles meld into a mixing pot of different styles and influences and display themselves in the production that Tristan does with his EDM original pieces, remixes, mash-ups and DJ sets. Tristan lives in a recording studio with his band Bullet Made Statues (literally, his bed is in the studio) and the constant influx of creativity allows Tristan to dance around genres musically while still maintaining his distinctive style. There’s something in there for everyone to enjoy.

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