DIY desktop accessories made out of recyclable materials and reusable, modular electronics

eco-conscious, DIY desktop accessories

Newfoldr is a launching design company with high quality gadgets with a cradle to cradle philosophy. In a world where over consumption seems to be the norm Newfoldr came up with the idea to create a business model with DIY desktop accessories that serves ecological, economical and sustainable purposes at the same time. Besides the eco-friendly design products that they create they also strive to be an open source company.

Newfoldr on indiegogo

Newfoldr’s aim is to get the electrical kits into production, making them available for more people who want to build stuff. To share their design philosophy and get their products on the market you can support them on indiegogo here:

newfldr_1086, DIY desktop accessories

DIY desktop accessories

Their designs features speakers, lamps, fans and any other desktop accessories you can think of. Their products contain a few modular circuit boards with these boards you can create functional products. You don’t need programming skills everyone can do it. Modules can be reused in new version of products to make sure that waste is minimized.

 DIY desktop accessories

Newfoldr Products

Their current product is the Daru desklamp with touch sensor and secondary back lighting. And trim desktop speakers  with an own external sound card.

The founders of Newfoldr believes in a more sustainable business model where development time is shorter but also easier to adopt to future products. Their ecological vision and product designs are a great initiative towards a more sustainable future. Support their ideas and get one of their products on Indiegogo:


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