Discovering the Beauty of St. Barts: Top Beaches and Attractions to Visit

The beauty of Saint Barts isn’t only in the beaches, the rocks and the trees, but also in the people, their infectious smiles, friendly attitudes and willingness to help truly makes life here beautiful. It doesn’t stop there though, beauty can be found all over this country even in the homes and villas you stay in. St Barts villas are truly an opportunity to discover the real beauty here. The stunning architecture, private pool, state of the art kitchens and newly remodelled spa-like bathrooms all sit at the high end of luxury and beauty. The best part is that when you hire a luxury Villa here you get an amazing staff and Villa manager that will do everything to make your experience a beautiful one.

The first inhabitants of St. Barts were the Arawak and Taino people. They didn’t do so well due to a lack of fresh water sources. Then the infamous Christopher Columbus arrived in fourteen ninety three and decided to change the name of the island to Bartolomeo because it was his brother’s name. The French eventually colonised the island but didn’t want it and gave it, (its culture and people that it didn’t own in the first place) to Sweden in seventeen eighty four. The capital was named Gustavia after the king, Gustavia the third of Sweden. The Swedish eventually sold the island back to France in eighteen seventy eight. After this centuries long game of cards and playing with people’s lives, the islanders became French citizens with full rights in nineteen forty six. All that means St Barts is a hearty and beautiful place that has stood the test of time and thrived through difficult experiences but has made it stronger.

Here are some places that have benefited from history to become truly amazing spots to visit today.

Flamands Beach

Flamands Beach is the largest beach on St. Barts. Many people from tourists to local residents visit this beach for the fine white sand and the great windsurfing. It’s the perfect beach to relax with a picnic and the family.

Gustavia or St. Jean

St. Barts has no sales tax, making it a great place to do some serious shopping. The top designer stores and beautiful small boutiques are all filled with friendly staff and high quality goods. The island has over two hundred shops. That means there is sure to be something for everyone here. The best cities to shop are the nearby towns of Gustavia or St. Jean. The main shopping area is in Gustavia. It has three major shopping streets. Quai Le Republic, Rue de General Charles de Gaule, and Rue de Roi Oscar 11. St. Jean, however, is a smaller shopping district with many chic boutiques. Much more local brands and handmade goods live here.

The Nature Reserve of Saint Barthélemy

This place is a magnificent and protected underwater ecosystem. It is a protected nature reserve where swimmers and divers can see at least forty five different coral species and over one hundred and fifty different fishes. Being a tropical climate you will also spot sea urchins, shellfish, crustaceans, and sea turtles. Experienced divers can also check out some awesome shipwrecks off St. Barts. Kayali is one of the most famous shipwrecks. Another shipwreck from a luxury yacht that sank during Hurricane Hugo. If you’re not a water person the reserve hosts eighty different species of birds as well as many other critters and creatures that call this thriving place home.

Grand Saline and Gouverneur Beaches

There is no shortage of wonderful and relaxing beaches on the island. Actually there are over fourteen beaches on St. Barts. These two beaches are both widely thought to be the two of the top beaches on the island. Anse de Grande Saline has some of the clearest and most beautiful waters on St. Barts. This secluded white sand beach offers views of giant, powerful mountains hovering over the ocean. Gouverneur Beach is a great beach because it offers visitors the picture perfect white sand and turquoise water from all the photos. Being a smaller island it has gorgeous mountain views and vistas that rival more famous places. It also comes with a bit less tourists. Bring your umbrella or rent a beach chair if you plan to stay a while because these beaches are short on trees and shade.

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