Dinosaur print dress by Designer Maggie Stubbs

I wanted to share my art with the world because it is colorful and fun and can make people happy.

Designer Maggie Stubbs wants to add something unexpected to your closet. And what’s more unexpected than a (friendly) pack of hidden dinosaurs! Visit: https://www.betabrand.com/womens-dinosaur-print-sun-dress.html

Here’s a little more from Maggie:

Originally inspired by my own painting, aptly called “Hidden Dinosaurs,” the mixture in this print is the result of a science-loving friend suggesting that I add dinosaurs to my art. Upon completion, I realized it would look amazing as a dress, and thus the Hidden-Dino Dress was born! Truly a unique marriage of paint and paleontology, this dress is designed for scientists, artists, teachers, and anyone else who wants to look fabulous!

Maggie Stubbs is an artist and elementary school teacher living in Kansas City, Kansas. She has been working on mastering the art of painting for more than a decade. Maggie creates large, colorful, abstract paintings. When she’s not painting or teaching, Maggie likes to surround herself with friends.
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