Different Types of Materials Used To Make Western-Style Bags

When choosing a purse, you want a high-quality material you can trust. Read about the amazing different types of materials used to make western-style bags!

Colorful prints, unique accents, and durable materials make each western purse unique. But have you ever wondered how your favorite purses came to be? Read on to learn about some of the different types of materials used to make western-style bags, so you can understand more about the quality of the products you adore.

Genuine Leather

The most popular material for bags is genuine leather. With its soft-to-the-touch, durable material, both those in high fashion and everyday individuals desire it. Leather is an expensive product since the material comes from animals, but genuine leather is an affordable version. Consumers enjoy genuine leather because of its durability, thickness, and natural water resistance.

western style bag


Suede is a unique accent found on many purses. The soft, fuzzy feeling of suede makes it stand out from other materials. Suede is a soft material derived from the underside of animal hide. It has a napped finish and can be susceptible to water stains, oils, and dirt.

However, if you have a thorough understanding of the material, maintaining a pristine condition won’t be an issue at all! Its impeccable appearance makes it one of the most beloved, fashionable materials on the market.


Another natural material commonly used in western purses and bags is hair-on-hide. Hair-on-hide refers to leather that still has the hair from cowhide. Each piece has a unique pattern and color due to the cow’s natural markings. With a soft and one-of-a-kind finish, it’s a design that’s excellent for western wardrobes.

Vegan Leather

An alternative, environmentally friendly material used to make western-style bags is vegan leather. It’s a product that gives the appearance and texture of real leather, but it’s made from synthetic materials. The two most common synthetic polymers are polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride.

Vegan leather isn’t as durable as genuine leather. It’s typically a thinner material that’s more susceptible to abrasions or falling apart over time. However, if you want a product that gives the outward western style while respecting the environment, vegan leather is an incredible bag material.


Polyester is a synthetic material known for its durable and versatile features. It’s closely related to polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride, but it’s a much stronger material. Manufacturers love the product’s elasticity and wrinkle resistance. Additionally, it’s easy to clean light spills and can withstand rainy conditions.

There you have it: the most popular materials to make Western-style bags with. These bags complement the wardrobe essentials every cowgirl needs! Not only are they convenient to hold each of your belongings, but they’re also fashion-forward statements! When you’re planning to add another Western-style bag to your collection, keep this list of materials in mind. You’re sure to find a flawless bag to perfect your wardrobe with.


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