Different Styles of Necklaces for Women


Necklaces bring a gorgeous, shining touch to literally any kind of outfit. Whether you want to embellish your day to day looks or find a statement piece to a tie a formal ensemble together, a necklace is absolutely your answer. Now, there are is a whole world of different options out there when you start hunting for that perfect necklace, and it’s very easy to get buried by the sheer volume of variation out there. Here are a few of the most stylish and on-trend necklaces of the moment to streamline your search and get you to that dream piece of a jewellery a little faster…


Chokers have become a total essential over the past few years. Once reserved for 90s teenagers and dress-up parties, the choker has come a long way and is now considered a jewellery staple. Whether you want to layer up multiple different necklaces or you want to add a touch of glamour to your tee shirt and jeans with a single piece, this style is for you! Grab a delicate style with subtle embellishments or opt for a solid piece for the ultimate layer piece.

Everyday Chain

If a choker sounds a little too trendy for you, there’s always the option for the everyday chain! This will usually be around 16-18 inches long, sitting around or just above your collar bone. A necklace this length adds a beautiful, subtle and feminine embellishment without overpowering an outfit or adjusting the overall tone. A small charm or trinket that sits on the centre of your collar bone is just perfect for all occasions, choose something that is personal to you, such as a lucky symbol or stone to make you smile.

Long Length Pendant

A statement gold pendant is the epitome of cool right now, and a great way to accessorise all your outfits. You should opt for a longer chain, at least 22 inches or longer for maximum impact. A thick, decorative piece looks amazing if you love a maximalist, 80s vibe. Feeling a little more minimal? A simple geometric detail on a thin chain will look absolutely flawless against block black or white outfits.

Boyfriend or Chunky Chain

The boyfriend has been, to put it mildly, a pretty big deal in 2019. This style has completely blown up, along with the love for chunky gold jewellery in general. A boyfriend chain adds a cool androgynous look to a tee shirt and jeans, but it can also provide a very stylish and fresh contrast to a feminine piece such as a floral dress. For the true style queen, opt for a chunky chain in a choker style – your get-up will look like it’s straight off the runway.

Coin Detailing

Coin pendants and necklaces are everywhere at the moment! These are so incredibly pretty, and they give off a romantic, bohemian vibe whilst still being relatively simple, this combination makes them super elegant and wearable! Find a coin necklace with some gorgeous gem or diamond detailing if you really want to channel the gorgeous modern bohemian look.

Layered Charms

Layering necklaces can get tricky and very twisted, which is not ideal for day to day wear. However, there is a way to achieve the look without all the fuss and bother – layered charm chains! A necklace with one or two delicate chains, adorned with different accents and trinkets, looks fabulous no matter the occasion! This is a clever and stylish piece to invest in if you love to layer on the daily.

Explore necklaces for women to find your perfect style! You can’t go wrong with any of these options!

Image: https://bycharlotte.com.au/products/silver-believe-in-luck-necklace

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