What are Methods of Mobile Phone Tracking?


Have you ever left your phone somewhere or did you get your phone stolen and couldn’t trace it back? With today’s technology it is easier to trace the location of your mobile phone. A GPS tracking system for your mobile phone might be the best solution to trace your phone back. As a parent a GPS tracking system is a great way to monitor your kids to see where they are and keep an eye on them. Or you could even share it with friends to know where their hangouts are. Read on to discover  how to track mobile phone.

Nowadays smartphones are equipped with tools to track down your mobile phone. You can even control it remotely if you need to trigger an alarm, call or lock. This is of course very useful if you are looking for your device so that you can find your phone with this alarm. Even if your device is stolen, you can block it for the thief. The phone can also be reset, and your data will not fall into the wrong hands. With a self-made backup, you can put everything back on a new device. So, there are plenty of options to track down your mobile phone or to control it remotely.

Trace the Phone via Mobile Phone Network

In the case of the mobile telephone network, the transmission mast data can be used. These are the data from the radio mast via which a switched-on smartphone connects to the network. The location of the telephone can be determined on the basis of this information. When you want to detect the presence of active cell phones you can use a Cell phone detector. Which can be used in certain places where you are not allowed to use a mobile phone. Such as offices, theaters and exam halls. With a cell phone detector, you can restrict the use of mobile phones.

Geolocalisation on a Mobile Phone

There are different ways to trace your phone back. One of them is with geo location. The device must be switched on this option in order for it to work. The coordinates can then be found with this system. Although this seems like a great option the phone won’t be traced back with precision.

Track phone via Wi-Fi

Your mobile phone can also be tracked through Wi-Fi with a unique identification number with the access point of the router from which the connection originates. Unfortunately, the location is not always accurate. The IP address can also be used for geolocation.

Track Phone via GPS

The most accurate way to find the location of the phone is with GPS. Thanks to GPS satellites, the location of a phone can be determined with a precision of 10-20 meters. The smartphone must be located in an open area to get the most accurate and precise location. Apple’s iPhone has their own free tracking systems with the “Find my iPhone feature” just as Android phones.

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