Difference Between PDF And Word

Documents are such a thing in today’s world which are being highly used in a person’s daily life if he or she is associated with the corporate world. As everything is going according to the upgrading technology, people have started preferring electronic documents over large files and numerous papers.

While presenting a meeting or creating a file for themselves, people use mostly two types of documents. They are PDF and Word files. Both are used in large quantities and have significance in the corporate world.

Sometimes, people prefer a PDF to Word converter according to their preferences. In this article, we are going to look at a few points that can help you understand better about PDF files and Word files.

Pdfs are universal in nature

The very nature of PDF is universal, whereas a word file also gives tough competition to PDF files in this category. A PDF file can be accessed on any platform, software, or hardware as the way the author intended while creating the file.

A PDF file can contain many elements such as images, text, animations, HD graphics, etc., and still, it would look the same as it was when it was created. By changing the platform or software in which the PDF is being opened, nothing is changed in the PDF file.

The same is the case with Word files, but there are some exceptions. If a Word file is saved on a Mac device and thereafter is transferred to a computer, then its properties might not be visible as they were while the file was in the Mac.

Content delivery of the platforms

The major difference between a Word file and a PDF document comes when we talk about the content that both the files deliver. As it is well known that PDF is largely preferred by individuals because of the security it provides, a PDF file cannot be edited by another person other than the creator himself.

However, a Word file can be edited anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. Because of this feature, a PDF file is always secured and ensures that the content put in the PDF while being created is served to the client as it is, without being changed at all.

On the other hand, a Word file can sometimes change its own content due to the change in the software that it is being run on.

Platforms to access the files

Another significant difference between a PDF file and the Word file is the platforms that they are being run on. While a PDF file is made on such platforms that do not provide the function of editing the file, you can make or create a Word file on MS Word and save it in the Word document and PDF format.

A Word file can be edited simply by opening the file in MS Word. While the main function of creating a PDF file is to ensure content delivery and not editing, there are very few options that can help you edit PDF files.

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