Did you know the Importance of a Corporate Video?


Did you know an average engagement or attention pay duration of an internet user? An internet user attention grabbing duration is just 7 seconds. Based on the stats, In this duration only we can understand whether the user attention grabbed or not. If we missed out to engage a user, then the scope of getting the same user back is hardly 10%. Videos are the best way to engage users and use by small to large enterprises with innovative concepts. A corporate video can be used as promotional collateral for your business. Let’s have a detailing about various types of video content.

There are 6 ways to incorporate video in your content strategy

Commercial / pre-Sell Videos

These types of videos are basically used for generating leads and conversions. We can call this as pure commercial content strategy videos. Major focus on creating these type of videos is, first engaging users with touching line and then encouraging them to buy the product.

Informational / Explaining videos

Explainer videos are short animated videos used to explain your company’s product and service in a simple way. These videos generally engages the user by providing informational content and brings their engagement for linger time. Usually these videos duration is like 5 to 10 min.

UnBoxing Videos

This is quite simple concept of video making. All you have to do is just take one product and explaining the detailing from starting (unboxing) to till using the product. Also includes pros and cons of the product, suggestions, feedback, and why should we go with the product. All these will help user a lot to connect.

Corporate Videos

Success behind the corporate involves certain part of content strategy. Many of the corporate companies are moving towards generating innovative and Brightside of video making without fail in adding core values and end goals.  This is all driving the users / investors to look into the corporate sector. Most companies looking for a professional explainer video work with creative agencies such as Spiel Creative to help them craft the perfect concept and ensure higher engagement levels.

How interestingly we can engage user with the team, team members or else their success stories, everything done with the help of dedicated team members.

Pictorial / Infographic Videos

According to Spiel Studios, it is best to opt for a creative studio that takes the time and initiative to understand your goals and objectives to deliver quality video content which plays utmost impact. User first engagement element is image, no matter what type of image it is. Only matters whether the image/ content mingle with the story line and connecting to the user within time duration. This is what really plays a great part in infographic videos. Targeted user expectations and thought process analysis adds to deliver the best info graphic video.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are the best connecting videos to the user. Basically users, when searching about a product / service they prefer to check with existing or already experienced user review about a product / service. In terms of that, any product / service testimony is a true objective for a business growth, further increasing user engagement, legitimacy, and trust in the brand.

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