Dezzys Kids Footwear

Dezzys Footwear is a new brand dedicated to bringing fashionable, affordable, and high-quality shoes designed just for kids into the fashion market. The brand brings together the latest shoe trends with bright colors and awesome prints that add a pop of fun to the look.

Many parents and their children lament over the lack of trendy shoes available for kids that remain affordable. The top brands typically feature chunky soles that take away from the clean silhouettes dominating fashion. In response to this missing part of the market, designer Devyn Taylor founded Dezzys Footwear. Dezzys Footwear gives kids a sleek, cool, and edgy option that matches up to the hottest trends in casual adult footwear. The line offers options for kids ranging from toddlers to grade school, with prints that cater to a variety of interests. Kids will enjoy anything from bright, solid prints to dinosaurs and cookies while maintaining a beautiful silhouette that complements the latest fashions. Kids will keep their youthful spirit alive with designs that represent their tastes while still enjoying a clean style that shows off their fashion prowess.

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