Deeper Green Artistic Interiors reconnects humans with nature

living plants

Our lives are busy and sometimes stressful, we are bombarded with information on a daily base. From emails, our cellphones and advertising. This overload can cause mental fatigue, a feeling of overwhelm and burnout. That’s why a connection with nature is so important since nature relieves fatigue. We are spending a lot of time indoors and online therefore bringing living plants back to our living spaces and offices has a profound benefit.

Deeper Green

Nature helps us to release stress and anxiety and increases our ability to connect with others. Debra Amerson founder of Deeper Green Artistic Interiors has a passion to reconnect people with nature. From interior design, landscape design and merging green businesses she transformed hundreds of interiors and exteriors. Natural food stores such as Whole Foods Market, interiors & gardens, businesses and non-profits. With 30+ years experience she is a talented and successful interior designer, visual artist and landscape designer.

Purify the air with living Plants

Most people are not aware that buildings can be full of harmful pollutants and chemicals that can cause headaches and skin rashes. Living plants purify the air and create a relaxing serene environment so any office or interior space should actually in cooperate plants in their design scheme.

Increase energy and positive emotions

Deeper Green knows how to create a beautiful surrounding with interior plants, fine art and decorative elements. Experiencing the beauty of nature makes us feel more alive and vital. Our positive emotions and energy increases  what is necessary in our over scheduled lives.

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