Decorating Tips for the Stylish Apartment


Every space has potential. It doesn’t matter if when you move into your new place, the walls are stained and the lighting poor. It is up to you to make it yours. While it is of course much easier to decorate an empty room, you can achieve stylish flair within any apartment, furnished or unfurnished. All it needs is a little TLC and a touch of creativity from you. Regardless of the state of the apartment when you move in, by the time you’re done with it your place will belong on Elle Décor. Simply follow these decorating tips to help you get started:

  1. Easy and Affordable Fixes

In an ideal world your new apartment won’t need any updates, but with the competitiveness of urban living, this isn’t always true. You don’t have to suffer from stained walls or moldy curtains, either. These fixes are easy to do and very affordable – just remember to ask your landlord first. They might send someone to repaint your property without you spending a dime. If they flat-out refuse to pay for it, chances are they are more than open to letting you do the work, and while this isn’t ideal, it is necessary. You cannot live in an apartment you do not feel comfortable in, so do whatever it takes.

  1. Drapery

Never underestimate the power of new linens. From your bedding to your curtains, fresh, clean fabrics can help bring your property to life. Windows, in particular, can benefit from being dressed up. If you live with a less-than-ideal view, place sheer curtains over the window. If space is minimal, add long, floor to ceiling treatments to add emphasis of height, and similarly place these curtains on the side next to the window to help your windows seem bigger than they are.

  1. Simplicity and Minimalism

When it comes to small spaces, less is more. Small living can be beautiful, and in fact, it has become the enduring trend within interior design. Opt for simple pieces and open-plan living. For most, this could mean having a rack instead of a closet to display your clothes. Tie everything together with patterned rugs or with a consistent color scheme, and remember, the brighter the colors, the better.

  1. Decorate Slowly

You need to live in a place before you can accurately pinpoint what it is missing. That is why you should take your time with decorating. You can have the perfect space if you give it the time to speak to you, and give yourself time to find the eclectic and beautiful decorating additions that will make your apartment shine.

  1. Insure It

There is no point in putting effort into decorating your apartment (and likely moving in some expensive equipment like your TV or laptop) if you aren’t going to insure it. Amistad Insurance Services offer deals for renters so that you can live with peace of mind and financial security.

Decorating your new apartment is the only way to feel at home, to feel at peace, and to feel safe. It’s a fun, personal project that can improve your outlook on life if done right.

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