Day, Night, Work, Normal – Stop Categorizing Your Clothes!


When you have a wardrobe that is carefully selected, with each garment lovingly purchased and stored, then it seems a shame to have to separate it. The sections depend on your lifestyle, but as a general rule, most of us will have sections for…

  • Work wear. The clothing we consider to be office or business appropriate. Clothes that are more tailored seem to be found here, with strong lines and – if we’re so inclined – sharp creases. Hemlines are longer as are sleeves and the heels of the shoes are lower.
  • Home wear. No matter how fashionable you are, there is always a place for t-shirt and jeans combinations in any wardrobe. If you’re not going out anywhere special, this is the section of your wardrobe that you turn to.
  • Day wear. You’re going out and you want to feel good about it. This is where your floaty dresses, your more interesting shoes, your woven leather handbags and your statement costume jewelry reside.
  • Night wear. The evening beckons so here you will find the sparkles, the glitter and the heels so high they make your feet ache just to look at them.

It’s a useful way of organizing things, but is it necessary? Maybe there is some way to transition items more comfortably across their designated sections, and breathe a whole new lease of life into your wardrobe at the same time. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Day ► Night

  • Jewelry and how you style your hair can transform a day garment into something more suitable for evening wear. Be bold with your hair and makeup, and use big, attention-seeking jewelry to create the evening impact.
  • A t-shirt and jeans can be an evening outfit when paired with a fabulous pair of high heels. A cardigan with a sheen (no need for it to be all out glitter) can finish it off, coupled with dramatic smoky eyes with makeup.
  • Taking a pair of sneakers into nighttime is difficult, but if you want to keep the comfort then go for black colored sneakers. They look neater and will be less obtrusive.

Home, Day and Night ► Work

  • Bright patterns can be toned down if worn with a neutral color such as cream or taupe. Black will likely highlight the colors of the pattern so it’s best to avoid and stick to lighter shades.
  • Wear shorter skirts by using boots to cover up more of your legs. A thigh-high boot can create a seamless leg under a shorter skirt, which is both flattering and stylish.
  • If you want to wear evening pieces to the office, then keep everything else simple. Tie your hair back, keep makeup subtle and elect for nude heels and demure nail varnish. (Note: this probably isn’t going to work with an evening gown, but it will work for shirts with a shimmer or an embellished skirt.)

Try and create balance with your outfit. If one garment is bright and loud, use the rest of your outfit to tone it down. If it needs some excitement, then hit the style tips and accessorize to your heart’s content!

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