Dating tips for cougars


Are you a somewhat mature woman and do you like to date younger men? You are not the only one. These days we see more and more attractive, self-assured mature women hooking up on a much younger man. If you are interested in following this trend, then we have some great tips for dating a younger man.

Stay realistic

Do not expect a younger man to behave in the same way as the men you would normally go out with. The difference between young and old is simply there and you will eventually have to take this into account.

Have fun

Younger men feel attracted to older women because they can enjoy it. So try to keep the relationship light by not engaging in topics such as your former marriage and spouse or your sister’s dietary problems. So just have fun with that young god and go to a concert, sports competition or an evening of dancing.

Search and find

Younger men don’t hang out in the same places as men of your own age. So visit trendy clubs, bars and restaurants with your friends. Visit cougar dating sites and socialize!

Do not lie

Don’t pretend to be someone else and don’t lie about your age either. At some point he will find out about your true self and he will not be happy that you lied about it. It’s better to stay honest.

Teach him things

Most young men don’t know much about the female body, compared to older men. So don’t be afraid to teach him things, especially in the sexual area. As a result, he usually experiences things that he only thought possible in his wildest dreams.


Do not wear clothing with which you try to look young and hip. Clothing that is not intended for women of your age, but for young girls, will only make you look hopeless. As a result, you seem even older than you are. Just where something elegant and feminine.

No mother

The last thing a young man is waiting for is that you act like his mother. Some cougars fall into this trap. Let him be free to do what he wants and occasionally give him some advice. The best thing to do is to only give advice when he asks for it, otherwise, he feels that he is being patronized.

Take care of yourself

No man wants to go out with a woman who looks like a wreck. So take good care of yourself, for example by eating healthily, exercising regularly, sleeping well and using anti-aging skin products.


Younger men like being spontaneous in life, so be prepared for impulsive actions. This way he may suddenly want to take you out, without you having been informed of this. Be flexible on My Cougar Dates and be open to new things.


Don’t expect his family to welcome you immediately with open arms, especially his mother. Your own children will probably not be cheering with joy at first. But luckily there are good examples of relationships between a “cougar” and a younger man.

Don’t be dominant

You may have a tendency to be in control, but men don’t like that very much. So let him occasionally be the dominant one so that he feels that you trust him.

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