Date lesbians: how to make the first move

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Dating a person is not an easy thing; it requires guts and stamina to face all sorts of hardships to build a successful relationship, either it is between a boy-girl and girl-girl. In both cases, you have to be extra vigilant, smart, and expressive. If you are pretty serious and want to take the relationship one step forward, then do not hesitate and go ahead. Do not be shy and ask for the dinner date or a movie night to get along and comfortable in each other’s company. Take her shopping as it is a perfect chance for you to hang out with your lady and make her comfortable in your company. As women are very fond of shopping so you girls can have some good time.

A lot of people, regardless of their sex, get panicked and confused on their first date, and they have no idea how to make their first move. Well, the society in which we live, have a few rules that count in manners, like a boy should pay the bill if this is their first date. In the same way, he should ask the lady for a dinner date. But is there any protocol for the lesbians dating? Or have we ever thought about the rules that should be pondered when it comes to lesbian dating? Like, who should make the first move or go for kissing first?

Talking about the love between two ladies is a quiet anxiety-provoking experience, as it is not very common. But now the time has been changed, and so the people are, and now they do not hesitate to express their love and inclination towards the same gender, which is a great thing. Initially, it looks quite odd to get intimate or kiss your lady love on your first date, especially when you both share the same gender, but once you get along, then it does not look awkward at all.

Sometimes it is not very easy to find your lesbian partner as women are not very expressive, so go and join the lesbian dating app that will help you to find your soul mate. In this way, you will get a chance to know your favorite woman in person and come closer to her to spend some cozy and romantic moments with your woman. Another great dating app is fling you can read the review here.


Well, there is no doubt that the first date is always full of awkward and shy moments, including some formal discussions. But hey girl, if you do not want to look like a pure creep in front of your lady partner, then follow these helpful dating tips that will help you to look confident and attract your woman to yourself. If you want to impress her, then do not rush or ask her for the one night stand in the first meeting. Take some time and then make your moves one by one to get closer and build the relationship stronger.


Well, there is no hidden secret that all the girls love to get compliments on their chic dress, red hot lips, and bright smile and eyes. And being a girl, you can understand the importance of compliments as to how much they help bring the partner closer. So, without delay, make your woman blush and shower her with your cheesy and sassy compliments to make her feel special and important.


Always keep in mind that do not rush… I repeat Do not! As all your efforts and struggles will go in vain. Take the time and try to get to know each other, like the taste of your lady in music, her favorite cuisine or wine, and her favorite holiday destination. These informal discussions break the formalities and bring the two people closer and make the bonding unbreakable.


As we discussed earlier if you both are on the same page and like each other, then do not jump to the last step, play smoothly and calmly. Hang out with her, spend some quality time to know her more, or show some groovy dance moves to impress your girlfriend. Ask her to join you for the dance and make the night unforgettable by drinking some wines near the shores or in a balcony to move step by step.


After being comfortable in each other’s company, it is time to make your big move. Plan a romantic dinner near the seashores or a sexy place that makes the mood and heathen the environment to initiate the love seamlessly. Sometimes you cannot wait for the right moment as the moment becomes right automatically when the signals are clear and vivid.


Before making any big move, it is always good to ask for consent. It will not only save you from embarrassment but makes your relationship stronger than ever. Either you are going to hold her hand or a lip lock, always take her consent and then take the step forward. There are a few times when she does not want to cuddle, or maybe she wants to spend the night like a girls’ pajama party, including gossips, movies, and some fun banters. So respect her decision and make her comfortable as she is your girl pal first.


People do get nervous on the dates, either it is first or not. But do not be ashamed and embarrassed; it is something very natural. Girls love and adore honesty, so if you are confused and nervous, then tell her as she will not judge you and will find it charming and cutesy.


Regardless of gender, one should be patient and calm to make their first move and avoid being rushed. Sometimes it is complicated for lesbians to show their love interest in someone, and they often get shy and do not approach the girl they adore. To make it easier and accessible, you can download the dating app where the girls or women can find their compatible partner either a young girl or a mature woman and have a good and long relationship with her mate.

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