Dan Anton – Military Warrior Turned Atlanta SEO Specialist

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Many military men and women go on to form successful civilian careers, and Dan Anton is no different. Known in many circles as the “Warrior Entrepreneur”, Dan has transitioned from the U.S. Army to an online marketing CEO, with a focus on Search Engine Optimization and software.

dan antonDan, how did the Military prepare you For Your SEO career?

As an Army Officer, I was responsible for the lives of hundreds of men. This level of responsibility naturally leads to an increased ability to systemize, trouble shoot, manage, and delegate efficiently. With running a civilian side business, the same principles apply. Cash flow, accountability, rewards, and properly trained team members mean the difference between success or failure.

Why Atlanta SEO?

Although I was born in New Jersey, I lived in the Georgia area since I joined the army in 2001 at Ft. Benning. Every day I would run into a business owner asking me how they can get more clients and sales, and I it got the point where I needed to hire more SEO specialists to handle the work load. Although I’m primarily a software and wholesale marketer, the direct requests from business owners began to overwhelm our previous services, and so one completely dedicated to direct business owners, as a retailer, was born – Atlanta SEO

What’s Better, Software or Human Labor?

Software (haha). Of course people are the most important asset to a company, but a close second is its technology. There is no “better” or “worse” of the two because they aren’t mutually exclusive. Both are synergistic. That said, a well-made piece of software such as BacklinksIndexer can do the work of 1000 men working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. But coupled with software and human labor such as Crowd Search and the end result is exponential. Now, no one can rival you because you have both the best technology and team (user base) in place.

Where Do You See the Online Marketing Industry in 5 years?

The tools and methods used might change, but the need will remain the same. To differentiate and separate ones business from the crowd. This means doing what the failures will not do, not only in partnering with top notch businesses nationally and locally, but positioning them to demonstrate a clear advantage to their target market. Customer experience matters more than ever, and big data and user metrics such as Crowd Search is going to completely change how businesses get found online.

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