The daddy fashion stylist rise to fame

daddy fashion stylist

“The daddy fashion stylist talks of father and daughter rise to fame as ‘unintentional’ as he simply shares their daily happenings like all Instagram users.”

Pete Fuentes, A stay-at-home dad from LA now living in Melbourne, has shot to fame through his Instagram account the daddy fashion stylist. The account, followed by 111,000 other Instagram users, pictures his five-year-old daughter Harlow sporting different outfits each day. Styled by himself, Fuentes has created a little fashion prodigy through which he exhibits his creativity.


But what gave Fuentes the idea to transform his child into an online superstar overnight? He says he wanted to ‘document the love’ he had for his daughter. Most parents would create a traditional photo album that they would enjoy looking back on in private, but Fuentes chose to share his with the world. He talks of father and daughter rise to fame as ‘unintentional’ as he simply shares their daily happenings like all Instagram users.

Harlow makes money from being photographed which her parents claim to put in a bank account, saved for her to ‘travel or buy a car or whatever she likes’ when she is old enough.  She has no choice in being publicly exhibited as a trophy child, as she is just that, a child; her life is out of her hands. Fuentes states she doesn’t even know what Instagram is!

Growing up, young girls are already bombarded with a million images of stick thin models wearing the latest trends. Pre-pubescent teens are made to feel ugly and unsatisfied with their looks as they constantly compare themselves to these unreal and unachievable images. Outer beauty should not even be mentioned to a girl of such a young age, let alone fostered to such an extent in her everyday life; she’s even started wearing make up! The latter appears unlikely as, although somewhat consumed by virtual reality, he seems like a loving father.

What must be remembered is that children are so impressionable and that whatever you teach them from a young age will stick with them for the rest of their lives. I am curious what your opinion is.

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