Customize your own clothing at Journey Mills

Create customized clothing from start to finish. With Journey Mills you can not only have clothing printed, but you can choose the entire design, from fabric selection to color. Do you want to have an original gym shirt? Journey Mills is happy to help you with your own customized sportswear or casual outfit. Whether it is team clothing with your club logo or printed shirts for a competition, they make your clothing entirely to your liking.

Get inspired by the Journey Mills collection

Do you have a design or an image of what your clothing should look like? Then Journey Mills make the clothing exactly according to that idea. If you don’t have enough inspiration look at their collection. They will gladly help you with the design or logo for your clothing. To make sure you receive the desired end result.

Work directly with the designer

So make your own hoodie for you and your friends, or have shirts printed for your group of friends. Whether you want to have football clothing, running shirts or just original customized clothing. Work directly with the designer to create the look you REALLY want. Inspire your mind with one of their uniquely awesome designs, from retro to vintage, funny and cute, everything is fully customizable! Be sure to check them out! 

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