Customize and design your own jewelry with Jonoba

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Have you always wanted to design your own jewelry? Jonoba makes it easier to make it happen. I had the honor to interview the founders of Jonoba, with Jonoba you can customize your own jewelry. Read the interview to find out more.

Tell us about your business
Jonoba is an online service that offers you the possibility to customize and design your own jewelry directly in your browser. We bring the best of technologies and craftsmanship to make it easy for you to create, personalize, and design your jewelry.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack?
Our software engineers develop technologies to let you easily interact, personalize and be part of the creation process. Today modern craftsmanship and new making technologies are changing the way we look at products and the creation thereof. Everything we do follows the belief that adding a personal dimension to products leads to greater and more valuable experiences.

With our partners, your piece of jewelry will be made on demand, in the precious metal of your choice and shipped directly right to your door.

Where can people design the jewelry? 
Visit our website


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