Currently Trending Interior Design Accessories You Simply Must Have

2020 and 2021 have been miserable. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought untold misery and suffering of biblical proportions, and lockdown restrictions have confined us to our homes for over a year. But the world goes on, and your home is still your castle. As such, millions have redecorated to pass the time. Some also took advantage of the extra time from working from home.

Fashion and trends never go away, even in the worst of times. And interior design is no different. The industry has recently reacted to the current world outlook by bringing a bit of the outside inside as we adapted to a restricted life of domiciliary confinement.

Rattan and Wicker

Usually reserved for the garden, rattan and wicker furniture is currently a popular choice for interior rooms. With adequate natural lighting, these styles come alive when placed near other sources of natural beauty or elements like a water feature following a bathroom renovation.

For example, rattan looks stunning in a conservatory where the natural lighting will accent the intricately intertwined fibres of the ancient technique. Additionally, the strong association of rattan and wicker being outside will give a strong feeling of bringing nature into the home.

Mix and Match Wall Galleries

Currently one of the most popular design trends with 1.25 million Instagram posts, gallery walls are becoming prevalent all over the world. They were once reserved for Bohemian types as the asymmetrical style so far removed from design norms played to their sense of style.

Now, however, the mix and match style of curated prints and paintings can play to your sense style. Although there is no uniformity to multiple works displayed, uniformity in the arrangement is the trick to making chaos seem orderly.

A Myriad of Plants

Another popular method of making us feel closer to nature once more is the inclusion of house plants. Of course, bringing plants inside is nothing new, but the trend comes and goes like the rain. And currently, botanical arrangements are trendy.

However, you can’t go outside and unroot any plant you see. Design principles dictate that the plants accent your current style. Some are more suited and need to be appropriately placed. Easy-care plants like bamboo, snake and dragon are always a great choice.

Service Trolleys and Drink Carts

Of course, some things don’t really go out of style. They just take a break. Drinks trolleys are one of those things. A reason for this is that they were once elegant, luxurious items and need to be appropriately surrounded or look out of place.

However, modern design manufacturing materials now match design materials, and drinks trolleys can be made from all manner of metals, plastics, glass and wood. Therefore, you can find a drink or serving trolley to match the design style of any room.

Knotted Artworks

Known as a Macrame, knotted works of art have been around for over 700 years since the Arabic culture first started creating them. The process usually involves creating geometric shapes like squares and circles from jute, cotton and hemp and can be applied to clothing.

Some of the most stunning pieces are embellished with other materials such as beads and glass. These transform relatively simple and uninspiring artworks into uplifting, dazzling and coveted masterpieces that look great all over your home.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

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