Cure Your Back Issues with These Massage Guns

We are leading lives that are becoming increasingly stagnant due to our routines. Having to sit for hours at the end means our bodies become stiff. That can lead to a wide range of problems but the most common one is back pain. Of course, there are other reasons for back pain as well but the one thing that all those cases have in common is that nobody likes having them, and we all need a solution. The most obvious solution that works quite effectively is a massage gun and we are sharing the best options that you can go for to help with your back pain.

1. Medcursor Heated Massage Gun

Sometimes just a good old knock on the back is not enough to get things going and you need some heat therapy to go along with it. That is exactly what you get with this product that includes heat and massage into a single solution. The purpose is to make the sore part of your back soft at a much quicker pace and provide relief that feels better than most other products. Being cordless also makes this device incredibly handy and you can easily use it yourself as well in case there is no one nearby to help you out. The battery lasts for 12 hours, so you can also take it along for short trips without having to worry about the battery dying.

2. Therabody Theragun Elite

If you do not want to compromise on quality in any way and want a solution that truly works, then this massage gun will be a great product for you. This model is thought of as the lighter version, but you can bet that the power it carries is enough to compete with even the best options currently available from other companies. It has a decent range of heads to choose from and the battery life is also quite long. One of the salient features of this machine is sound insulation, making it easier to use it even in quiet environments. Overall, it is a quality tool that will keep you happy for a long time.

3. LifePro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

This machine takes a different approach to sound-dampening by offering different vibration levels in addition to an insulated interior. Apart from all the generic massaging features of the machine, it is especially useful for people who are suffering from chronic pain in their lower backs. There are five different heads that come with it and you can use each of them to provide relief from all sorts of body aches and pains. For the price, it is certainly worth exploring, especially for people suffering from back pain of any kind.

4. Hyperice Hypervolt Bluetooth-Percussion Massage Device

If you want to spend money on a massage gun but also want to see some cool features, this machine will do you justice. Not only do you get a fully handheld massage experience with this device, but you can also get it connected with your mobile phone which opens access to several other options, including speed adjustments. The HyperSmart app can also create a routine for you that you can follow easily. The design is quite ergonomic, and it is the perfect size to make sure that you can reach all the tough spots without needing any help from someone else. Not only is the battery life good, but it also has the “Quiet Glide” technology, a function that makes it an incredibly quiet massage gun.


There are plenty of other great options available, and you can easily get your hands on any of them for a great experience. We do suggest that you start with these and let us know how your experience went.

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