Curb The Addiction To New Technologies in Teens With Parental Control App!

Today’s adolescents are addicted to technologies, which has resulted in the appearance of new pathologies.

This problem is not only for teenagers, because it is largely caused by communication deficiencies. If we do not set the example, maybe communication problems become greater. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to observe them since they are children. With the constant use of different electronic devices, young people acquire the habit. Later on, this becomes addiction, which is why it can be prevented.

According to experts, the main prevention measure is communication. Talking with children since they are small, can prevent many evils in the future. It is also necessary to observe if they begin to modify their behaviour. Isolation is common, aggressive attitude when they are not using their devices and decrease in social relationships.

Teenagers connected, parents disconnected

According to a study, the degree of connection that young people have to technologies is proportional to the disconnection of parents. Even if they are modern parents who are also addicted to technology, they may be disconnected from their children.

According to the results of the research, at least 60% of children between the ages of 10 and 17 spend more than two hours a day connected to the Internet. For this reason, it is estimated that the influence they receive in their training is very high.

In other words, the general education of children is affected by what they observe on the Internet. Something that worries the experts mainly is the influence that these media provide in terms of sex education.

It is estimated that half of adolescents see pornography on the Internet. In the case of children under 12 years of age, at least 4% receive sexual content through the network. Although this information is sometimes positive, the content may not be appropriate for your age.

Despite all the disadvantages, it is a situation that can be controlled if families and institutions get involved. Apparently, addiction to new technologies appears as parents become disconnected. Maybe we are unconcerned, and we assume that they are well, that they do not take risks using their electronic devices.

In any case, parents who disconnect from their children’s problems are the ones who allow their children to be more connected with technology. That is why sometimes the influence of these media, can become addicted to many young people.

Symptoms of addiction to new technologies

The inability to recognize the excesses in the behaviour of young people, promotes that the addiction is accentuated. However, the involvement of family and teachers helps to raise awareness among the young people themselves. In order to identify the problem and not generalize about an apparent dependence, it is convenient to observe if the following signs are present:

  • Poor school performance
  • Decrease in family communication
  • Drastic emotional changes
  • Self-harm related to sleep disorders
  • Use of electronic devices at inappropriate times or at odd times
  • Aggressive behaviour when they are not using the mobile.

How to prevent addiction to new technologies?

The role of communication between parents and children at least one hour a day is a basic action. With that, parents should make use of digital tools such as FamilyTime – parental control app that lets parents manage their kids’ tech usage remotely. Do you wish to give this app a free try? You can! Go now to the app store on your phone.


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