Cremation or Burial: How to Choose the Right Option

Choosing whether burial or cremation is the best option is a profoundly personal decision. In recent years, cremation has become more popular, and it has even overtaken burials as the most common choice. However, there are several things you should consider when deciding on what is best for you. In order to make the right decision you can visit Globe Life for a burial insurance review. 

What are the Main Differences?

Firstly, when deciding what the right option is, you should consider the differences between burials and cremations.

When remains are cremated, they are incinerated so that all that is left is ash. When burying a body, it is left intact. Each process can be performed immediately after death, and both can incorporate a traditional funeral service.

The main difference is what happens to the remains. When a body is buried, it is either interred underground or in a mausoleum. Conversely, cremated remains are taken by family, and they can either be kept, scattered, buried, or entombed. To learn more about cremation services provided by Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society and others, check out this website.

Environmental Impacts

Suppose you have concerns about the environmental impact of your choice. In that case, there are a few things to consider about both options.

There is some debate about which option is best. Proponents of cremation state that it is a better choice as traditional burial methods do not utilize biodegradable materials. For example, caskets may not break down after burial. Additionally, when bodies are embalmed, harmful chemicals can be released into the environment.

On the other hand, a school of thought states that incinerating remains could release harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

Religious Considerations

Cremation has traditionally been controversial in some religions. For example, in the past, the Catholic Church banned the practice, and it is forbidden by Islam. Additionally, Judaism has historically outlawed cremation, although it is becoming slightly more popular nowadays.

Ultimately, religion can play a big part in choosing between burial or cremation, so it is essential to consider beliefs when deciding.

Respecting Memories

When people are considering their options for funerals, one of the most common concerns is about respecting the memory of a loved one. It is all but certain that people want to carry memories of their friends or families, but interestingly, this can mean very different things for different people.

For some, the idea of preserving the body for a longer time is the preferable option. However, others believe that allowing the remains to decay underground is a less favorable way to remember their loved ones.

Again, cultural or religious customs can also play into this decision. For some, the process of viewing a body and paying respects is an essential part of funeral rituals. However, this is still an option with cremation. It is now relatively common for people to view a body before it is cremated.

Do What Feels Right

Ultimately, this decision is entirely about what is suitable for you. There is no correct answer when choosing between the two processes, but there are some factors to consider when deciding. Although either option is suitable, you should consider your wishes, and those of friends and family when choosing.

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