Creating So Many Fashionable Possibilities

I love traditional bandanas. For a long time, I have wanted to design one with a little extra pizzazz. In this case, peppered with the added menace of angry paisleys, monsters, pests, a plethora of bats…the world’s first BADbandana

bandanaBADbabdanas is a creative and wickedly designed bandana that can be used and worn in a multitude of ways. BADbandanas now makes it possible to turn any outfit into a stylish trend setting ensemble. Think of the creative possibilities!

You can wear the BADbabdana on your head during a hot day, spice up your old cowboy hat by using your BADbandana as a hat band, turn your dog into the coolest pet on the block by wrapping the BADbandana around its neck like a dog collar. Add some color to your dinner table when using the BADbandana as a napkin. With all that said we are still just scratching the surface of all the uniquely creative things you can do with the BADbandana.

This month BADbandana started raising funds through the innovative use of crowdfunding. Their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will help them start production of the BADbandana. So be a part of this groundbreaking new and creative product and visit the BADbandana campaign site here, where you can become eligible to receive great perks from the creators of the this new bandana.

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