Creating perfect curls: Different heated tools for hairstyling


Adding soft and shiny curls to your locks is one of the easiest ways to transform your look from plain and simple to stunning and beautiful. Most of the women dream of having thick and shiny curls. Some women are blessed with natural curls and they need to put in extra effort and care, on a regular basis to maintain those beautiful curly locks. However, the ones with long and straight hair who do not have natural curls can create bouncy curls or soft and shiny waves using a number of hairstyling products that are easily available in markets.

Using heated hairstyling tools is one of the best ways to add those soft waves or perfect curls to your hair. The time taken is much lesser and you get perfectly defined curls that look natural. What are some of the heated hairstyling tools that can be used for adding curls to your hair?

Curling iron

Curling irons are cylindrically shaped, with a plastic handle and metallic barrel. People with hair that is straight naturally can add soft and shiny waves and perfect curls using a curling iron. Some curling irons, similar to the hair styling tools that you can find on websites like have a clip to hold your hair in place while styling it. Depending on the number of features there could be one or more control buttons on the handle of the device. Curling irons come in different materials like ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, and metal and in varying barrel sizes. You can buy a curling iron based on how you plan to use it.

Crimping iron (Deep waves or Krinkles)

The heating plates on a crimping iron have ridges on it which is the only feature that makes it different from a straightening iron. These ridges give a crimped look to your hair. Crimping irons have two heating plates attached to a handle and it’s used to add waves to your hair but it cannot be used for creating curls. Crimping irons have undergone development over the years and with a bit of a practice, you can add perfect waves to your hair.

Wand curling iron

Curling wands are the modified version of a curling iron and it’s much simpler to use considering all that you have to do is wrap your hair around the barrel that is heated and hold it for some seconds before releasing it to get perfect curls. The best wand curling iron gives you beautiful and natural looking curls.

Chopstick curling wands

A variation of the curling wand, chopstick wands are much thinner. You need to wrap your hair around the heated barrel and hold it for a while to get springy and coiled curls. However, compared to the other curling irons, a chopstick wand takes a longer time to add curls to your hair.

Adding luscious and shiny curls to your hair that is naturally straight, has been made much simpler, less time consuming, and inexpensive with the advancement in hairstyling technology. Add those lovely curls to your hair today to glam up your look.


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