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His content has been published in several countries around the world and his most recent Influencer Marketing campaign reaches 100 published videos this month. We stopped for a chat with London-based Producer Marcio Delgado to learn about working with digital influencers.

Who inspired you to choose your profession?

There was not a specific person, but growing up, I knew I would like to work with people and to tell stories, so journalism has always been on my radar. Before starting at a Communications university, I already had interned – yes, working for free! –  at several newspapers and magazines and soon I was finally getting paid to do what I love. Currently I work producing content for a variety of brands and publications, as well as being part of the award-winning Digital agency RDB | Robin des Bois’ team as a Global Content Producer and Influencer Manager.

How did you start working with influencers?

I was already working with brands and collaborations before Instagram and other platforms even existed. The idea of bringing together a product that needs people to be aware of, and a person with a voice to influence others to buy something is not new. In my career it was a natural shift, being a content creator first, then becoming a Manager for campaigns using influencers to enhance reach. I think Influencer Marketing will still be around for many years to come because it delivers a much higher ROI than traditional marketing – and people really don’t like traditional advertisement trying to sell them something.

How your blog @WorkingWithInfluencers came about?

As I work with influencers on a regular basis, sometimes travelling up to 120 days per year to create content with them, I also get questions about them on a regular basis, from both sides: from the content creators and from brands wanting to know with the right talent. So I decided to put all answers out there into one place, this way, others can also benefit from that knowledge – not only people that have access to my daily routine.

Which of your work, featuring influencers, you are most proud of?

I always think that my last project is the best one. Recently we finished filming a campaign called #LiveMoreShareMore for Western Union® – the global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement – featuring inspiring influencer’ stories from 20 different countries. In total we published 100 video stories and it was a learning curve to meet great content creators such as Youtuber Maria @LaCooquette and explorer Mario Rigby – who crossed Africa by foot and kayak over a period of two years; Nuseir Yassin, creator of the one-minute daily videos channel @nasdaily; Mihaela Noroc, author of the best seller “The Atlas of Beauty”; four-time Grammy winner Tionne (T-Boz) Watkins and many others.

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?

For those ones looking to become a full time Content Producer, Film Producer or anything to do with bringing ideas to life through imagery and storytelling, my suggestion is not to wait for an opportunity, create it instead. There are several websites where creative people can team up with others to make short films, music videos, etc. so there is no excuses to stay idle – these collaborative works will end up being your business card to a bigger and paid experience within the industry.

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Episodes of the #LiveMoreShareMore campaign are available to watch here:

Photo: Bartlomiej Helinski

Live More Share More Campaign

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