Creating A Wardrobe That Works For YOU


Do you find that most mornings you stand in front of your closet, despairing as you can’t find anything to wear? It seems mad when you think about it, as you know full well you are looking at an entire wardrobe packed full of clothes – surely you have SOMETHING to wear, right? But if you are honestly staring at your clothes at a complete loss as to what you should pick out, you may well have a problem. Of course, on paper, you could wear anything out of your closet, but whether it is fit for purpose or not is another question altogether. An evening dress for your low-key day job might be a little ‘over the top’, shall we say. On a completely different note, you may suffer from not having enough formal clothes at hand, and as a result, you constantly feel under-dressed for work and other semi-formal occasions. Both of these are classic examples of you having to work for your wardrobe, rather than your wardrobe existing to serve your needs and your lifestyle. This can easily get tiresome, and if you are not educated in how to dress for your lifestyle, you will only end up continuing to shop in this misinformed way – hence adding to the problem. Here are a few examples of ways you can change your shopping habits and your relationship with clothes forever – and never despair when looking in your closet again!

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Have a huge clear out

Part of the reason your closet looks so overwhelming is probably because it is jammed full of stuff you don’t even wear. If you barely have room to pull apart the individual pieces of clothing from where they hang, you will know that something is amiss here. Set an afternoon aside (yes, a whole afternoon – you’ll probably need a few hours at least!) and go through your entire wardrobe, deciding what needs to go. If you have a slight penchant for hoarding, this could potentially be a difficult experience for you, but if you want to make any progress, you will need to be fairly brutal. If you don’t trust yourself to make any definitive decisions, get a friend over to help who will be able to hold you to account. The golden rule is to immediately get rid of anything that doesn’t fit you, and anything you’ve not worn in the past six months. If you haven’t worn it for that long, let’s be realistic: you’re probably not going to wear it again.  Take a look at what your wardrobe is mainly made up of. If you have 25 skirts and only ten tops, you may want to consider making these figures a little more even. Got a ton of evening dresses but next to no loungewear? Get rid of some of your glittery slips to make way for some comfortable, baggy sweatpants.

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Find your personal style

Do you find yourself naturally drawn towards specific styles and trends? By identifying these, and bringing your clothing in line with your personality, you are one step closer to finding your individual style. There is no point forcing yourself to dress in clothes that you don’t identify with or feel comfortable in. For example, if you are a rock chick at heart, don’t buy yourself lots of girly, frilly shirts just because they happen to be on trend at the moment. You probably won’t even wear them, and then they will simply sit gathering dust in the back of your closet. If you’re not sure what your personal style is yet, don’t worry! It can sometimes take years to develop and even then it can change. You may find that you have two sides to your personality and thus your wardrobe ends up representing this. For example, you may feel most comfortable in grungy, low-key outfits in the daytime, but love getting glammed up in the evening if you have an event to go to. Work out which style you wear most frequently and buy accordingly. It doesn’t even need to cost a fortune either, as sites like have a range of discounts available for many major fashion retailers. Play around with a few different styles and see what you feel most comfortable in.

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Go back to basics

You might consider plain, simple clothing a little on the boring side. But it can really pay off to have a few ‘basic’ pieces in your wardrobe that you can build entire outfits around. Plus, basic pieces are great for those days where you just need to throw something on. After all, we don’t always have the opportunity to style a dreamy outfit, day in, day out. Having a few key pieces at hand is ideal for when fashion is off the agenda and practicality is key. The must-have ‘basic’ pieces every woman should have in her closet are a crisp white shirt, plain black/gray/white tank tops, a great pair of jeans and black boots or pumps. Why the lack of color? Well, bright colors are notoriously much harder to style than muted tones, and you will have a much easier time putting together a monochrome outfit than you will trying to style, say, fuschia pink. That said, black and white shades can often provide the perfect backdrop to showing off a brighter tone, so don’t be afraid to mix the two styles should you feel like it. The basic pieces in your closet should amount to what is known in the industry as a ‘capsule wardrobe.’ It essentially means a handful of pieces that you can mix and match – so even though you may only have six items of clothing, there are multiple outfits to choose from depending on how you pair them up. Remember, picking a daily outfit should be a breeze, not a hassle. With these hints and tips, you can guarantee you’ll always be fashion forward and ready for whatever the day throws at you.

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