Creating A Space For Unwinding


Creating a home, we can unwind in is crucial. This is the place where we should be switching off from everything that has happened during the day. Sometimes, though, we forget the importance of our intimate surroundings; instead, we walk into the home and kick off our shoes, turning a blind eye to our decor woes.

You need to create a space that works in a number of ways. Firstly it should be practical to your family. A lovely relaxing family home where everyone feels calm. It also needs to be a home which welcomes others and helps them feel at ease. However, the most important place to focus on, when working on the interior design, is you. With that in mind, let’s start with the bedroom.

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You need a sleeping zone that actually works for you.  Something that offers both comfort and opulence. A bedroom should feel as luxurious as those boutique hotel suites. Get your mattress right, and you will end up wanting to crawl into bed earlier than usual. We recommend a memory foam one which will give you plenty of support. Once you have that, you need to ensure your duvet, and your pillows are the right weight and feel for you too. Some prefer a thick quilt while others like to layer it up with sheets and blankets. Then find an excellent quilt cover set, something that makes you adore getting in your bed. Check out the range at Vaulia for some inspiration. With the internet at your fingertips it’s easy to get more ideas of how you’d want to layout and decorate your bedroom, factor in some of your interests too maybe, it’s your sanctuary after all. Having things you enjoy or relate to in the bedroom can make you feel more at peace from the outside world. If you were into fantasy stories for example, you could pick up some fantasy candles here to encourage relaxation when you lay down in the evening, reading a book by candlelight can be a therapeutic experience, doing so with a nice smelling candle and fresh bed sheets can do wonders for your mental health. This in turn can help you to sleep better.

Your color scheme is your number one enemy when it comes to sleep. If you go for red, yellow or brown, it is likely you aren’t going to be catching too many zs. Warm tones will give you the peace you need before bedtime if you want to add color you can do so through your textiles.

Make sure you keep your room neat and tidy no matter what the rest of the house looks like.  You want this room to be your bolt hole from the world!

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What about your living room? This is arguably the second most important room in the house and is going to need to stand up to two jobs. Firstly it needs to hold up to the kids, dogs, guests and other daily intruders who will be eating, drinking and causing concern. It then needs to become a relaxing hub of gorgeousness. How on earth do you achieve that?

It is possible to create a relaxing vibe regardless of the daily grind. Keeping to a minimal theme of white is a great base, and if you use a slightly satin based paint, then you can wipe the walls down easier than if you opted for matte. You can add a cozy feel to white by going crazy with texture. Sheepskin rugs and big heavy cotton throws will give you comfort while playing with your lighting can give you the warmth you need in any room.  Think about some playful lamps which double up almost like art.  And pack the room with plenty of books,  reading reminds us of quiet time.

Make some changes to your home, and you will be able to unwind the moment you step through the door.


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