Create Larger Looking Eyes without Coloured Circle Contact Lenses

If you’re a fan of Lady Gaga then you are probably aware of the coloured circle contact lenses craze that she started in 2010. Women from the United States as well as other countries were doing whatever they could in order to obtain circle contact lenses even though these types of lenses are not easy to find in the United States. Circle contact lenses became such an obsession among many women because these types of lenses make the eyes appearance larger and rounder, and for many women this is more attractive. According to ophthalmologists, circle contact lenses can lead to an eye infection which could possibly lead to blindness if they are not properly taken care of. If you like the look that circle contact lenses produce but aren’t too sure about taking the risk in order to wear these lenses, there are alternatives. By using makeup strategically, you can create larger, more attractive eyes without the risk. The following tips will allow you to achieve the look you’re seeking but without the need to risk contracting a infection especially if you are not able to care for your lenses properly..

1.) White Eyeshadow – Although many women don’t typically choose white eyeshadow, this and similar color eye shadows will give your eyes the illusion of being larger, which is desirable for many women. Light-colored shadows cause a shimmery appearance, resulting in larger looking, more attractive eyes.

2.) White Eyeliner – By lining your lower eyelids with a creamy white eye pencil, you can create the same, doe-eyed look that circle contacts create.

3.) Neat eyebrows – By maintaining neat, well-manicured eyebrows, you will not only appear well-groomed, but well-groomed eyebrows will surprisingly cause the eyes to appear larger, preventing the need to wear circle contacts.

4.) Eyeliner techniques – To create the appearance of larger eyes by using eyeliner, you don’t have to necessarily use white eyeliner. In this case, it’s not which product you use, but how you use it. Never apply heavy eyeliner because this will give opposite results and your eyes will appear smaller. The trick is to apply your favorite eyeliner as close as possible to the eyelashes, on both the upper and lower lids. After you have applied the eyeliner properly, you’ll want to blend well, which will give your eyes the larger appearance that you’re looking for.

5.) Go liquid – After you’ve applied your favorite eyeliner in the proper manner, you may want to add some liquid eyeliner on top in order to emphasize the eyes even more.

There is no reason to feel self-conscious or consider possibly wearing coloured circle contact lenses. All you have to do to remedy your problem is to follow these simple makeup tricks, and the compliments regarding your enhanced beauty will start rolling in.

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