Cosmetic Touches to Update Your Home

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You don’t need to renovate or remodel your home to give it a new lease of life. There are things that you can do to update and refresh what you have without the burden on your wallet, or the upheaval to your daily life. If the bricks and mortar are just fine, a little attention to the finer details can give your home the cosmetic update your home desperately needs. Let’s walk through your home and see where little adjustments and additions can make big differences.

From the curb

When people arrive at your home, the first thing they notice is the front yard and driveway. That’s if they could find your house in the first place. Can visitors easily see your house number from the road? Is there a car parked or plants grown that block the line of sight for the numbers? You can place the numbers in a more prominent position, but make sure you choose numbers that are attractive and suit the architecture of your home.

How often do you go up the path from the curb, cross the sidewalk and go to your front door? You probably go to the front door from the car and bypass the path altogether. Consider whether the path is safe: are their slabs missing, is it overgrown or even nonexistent? Now is the time to update your path – just by resetting your slabs you can transform the whole look of your front yard.

With the pathway updated, how is it looking? Having been battered by the extremes of the seasons, front doors are often neglected in terms of TLC. Whilst the weather is good, it is a great time of year to carry out maintenance on your front door. If it is made of wood, it will need treating and maybe filling to prolong its life and reduce drafts over winter. Once you have treated your door, paint it. You can dramatically enhance the look of your home by painting the door a new color. This is inexpensive, and can be regularly done; regardless of current trends.


A lick of fresh paint immediately refreshes a tired looking room; however, to paint every room requires a lot of time and money. You can cheat though.

By painting just one wall in your lounge room you can create an eye-catching wall feature, but be sure to choose a color that complements the color of the big furniture you already have. You can add accessories such as cushions or rugs to introduce accents of color that are either the same tone or contrast to your feature wall.

Similar to the effects of a feature wall in a lounge, the addition of an oversized headboard to your bedroom can add an interesting and modern focal point to a previously blank canvas. Don’t be shy about the materials you use – you can use pretty much anything. If you are particularly passionate about something, use it: surfboards, skis or even salvaged materials. You can reupholster an old headboard with your favorite fabrics without a need for great skill; you just need a staple gun to attach the fabric to the board.

Lighting is often overlooked as a way to reenergize your home. In years gone by, a room’s lighting was provided simply by a functional ceiling light, maybe wall lights and a side lamp, now there are lighting solutions that provide enhanced functionality and enhanced aesthetics. Walk around each room and consider the lighting available, and ask yourself whether it serves you well for the tasks that you perform in each space. You can then make a wish list of improvements to your lighting requirements. Perhaps your kitchen needs more task lighting, or you wish to have a bold statement centerpiece for above the dining room table. The lighting you choose can tie-in and even make your style complete. Seek out Lighting Expo Wayne NJ to provide you with advice and guidance as to which lighting they have to suit your need. Just by installing a dimmer switch to your lighting can provide you with an easy way to adjust the ambience of a room.

Have a look at the furniture you have, does it need to be refreshed too? It is costly to replace a lot of furniture in one go, but is there any real need to replace it? It is easy and environmentally sound to up-do furniture. You can repaint furniture to complement your color scheme, and customize it to suit your tastes. Just by changing the handles and knobs, you can revitalize a tired chest of drawers. You can get creative and use contemporary handles or knobs on old pieces to add a modern twist, or choose ones that suit the architecture of your home.

Kitchens are areas that quickly get fatigued due to high usage: the effects of heat and steam from cooking, and being the heart of the home. Most of the footwork happens within a kitchen. Remove your shelves and paint the wall behind your shelving in a dramatic color to add an unexpected accent of color. It is best to paint from the worktop but stop at the level of the highest shelf; this turns your kitchen accessories into things of beauty that are being showcased. Have a look at your splashback. Replace tired tiles with new or perhaps glass to modernize your kitchen; because splashbacks cover a small area it will not cost a fortune to do, but the difference can be breathtaking.

Alternatively, does the grouting need attention? Another cheat: you don’t need to regrout, there are specialist paints that you can use that can instantly restore your grout without the need to do too much DIY.

We often get complacent about our homes, and think that if it’s not broken, why fix it? However, our homes are perhaps the window to our soul, and if it looks good, we feel good, too. By making small adjustments and additions to our homes inside and out, we too will feel the benefit.

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