Cosmetic Procedures To Get You Summer-Ready

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Summer is well on the way and with it the long, hot days and warm evenings that mean you’ll be changing from your winter woolens into your summer shorts, crop tops, and bikinis. It’s wonderful to think that you’ll be able to strip off the layers and get some sun on your skin; but are you ready for the great reveal? You won’t want to be down on the beach with hairy legs, white skin, and unmanicured toenails, so make a plan now of all the cosmetic treatments you’ll want to undergo before revealing yourself to the summer sun.

Say goodbye to unwanted hair

The development of lasers and electrolysis have provided ways of killing the follicle that the hair grows from to effect a permanent solution to unwanted hair. Laser treatment is carried out by specialist clinics using medical-standard machinery supplied by Blue Dot Certified companies like It needs to be performed by trained staff, so make sure your therapist is properly qualified before commencing treatment. It can take several sessions to kill the hair follicle completely, but it’s not painful and is the best way to remove large areas of unwanted hair permanently. Electrolysis uses a current of electricity to target a single hair follicle and kill it, and unlike lasers, you can buy home versions to use yourself. It’s a great solution for odd hairs and small areas, but if you want larger areas done, a visit to a treatment center would be more practical.

Say hello to glowing skin

After a long winter, the first thing you’ll want to do is give your skin a thorough session of exfoliation to get rid of any dead skin cells. If your skin feels rough or blemished, microdermabrasion is a more intensive form of exfoliation, revealing a whole new layer of skin and stimulating new cell growth. You can even do it at home. These treatments will freshen up your skin and give you a healthy glow. Remember to moisturize your skin regularly, using products designed specifically for the face, hands, and body, which all require different types of moisturization. Once your skin is fresh and hydrated, you might want to consider starting your tan off with a few sunbed sessions or a spray tan. Always observe safety advice when it comes to tanning treatments, and keep your skin protected from too much exposure to harmful UV rays.

Finishing touches

A pedicure is always a great idea in the spring before you start wearing sandals and strappy heels. This procedure will remove any rough or thickened skin on your feet and shape your toenails and cuticles, with a professionally applied coat of polish giving your nails that finished look for summer footwear. A manicure is probably something you have done year-round, but this is a good time to try out a pretty summery shade that makes a change from your bolder winter colors. Don’t forget your hair, too. A shorter style, an updo, or a change of color will all freshen up your look for the summer season. Even if you don’t wish to change your style, your hair will need some deep conditioning treatments to protect it from the sun.

Give yourself a pre-season makeover, to make sure you look your best and feel confident this summer.

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