Cordless Beard Straightener: The Latest Trend in Beard Grooming


When it comes to beard grooming, there are many a brand out there with an endless range of beard grooming products. Most of which work great, but do you ever get that feeling that some of the products just don’t cut the mustard? Or they just aren’t doing enough for your beard?

Unless you sport facial hair yourself, you probably wont realise the rigours of maintaining a wonderful flowing beard. Taming curly hairs, maintaining good beard health, preventing itching, and styling a beard to get the perfect shape are all some of the troubles men face to get the perfect beard look.

There are a few types of products out there that help; beard wax is good for styling, beard oils are good for nourishing. But nothing quite beats the impact on beard grooming as a cordless beard straightener.

Many men, even those who have been growing their beards for years, have probably never come across a beard straightener. In reality, women have been using similar products for years, specifically the flat iron hair straightener. As the name suggest its capable of straightening even the curliest of hair using nothing but heat. Now this ingenious concept has been reinvented specifically for mens facial hair – and it works a charm!

Beard straighteners are the latest innovation for men’s beards, that will definitely take your beard game up a notch. Designed especially for beards and contact with the skin beneath, beard straighteners are similar to comb or brush, but with the power of heat to quickly soften and tame stubborn hairs.


Heated beard straighteners can work wonders for all types of beards, if you choose the one that suits your beard type and your facial hair needs. Essentially, the straighteners are used to apply a moderate amount of heat while combing through your beard. This heat softens and straightens the hair which in turn makes your beard easier to manage and style.

Don’t get excited now and run off to buy any old hair straightener. Keep in mind, men’s beard straighteners differ from standard hair straighteners; they have comb teeth to easily get through your beard hairs. And as they are also in contact with your face they are not as hot as normal straighteners.

Core features to look out for in a good quality beard straightener:

If you are after a good quality beard straightener, that’s built to last and provide great results, here are a few things you should look out for:

  1. Don’t be tied down. Get a cordless beard straightener that you can carry around with you and use on the go.
  2. Ceramic coated teeth ensure that the comb part of the straightener doesn’t scale over time, and is also anti-static.
  3. Complete control. Most beard straighteners only offer one heat setting, and this may not also suit your needs. Look for a cordless beard straightener that also has a temperature control setting.

If you are looking for a good quality beard straightener with the best features around, one of the best ones we’ve found are from The Sardar Co. Their cordless beard straightener has all of the features mentioned above and they look amazing too.

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