Cool Gadgets & Tech Gift Ideas for Men

We all know that finding a unique, exclusive gift for men can be challenging, we tend to get bored and uninspired walking around shopping malls looking for gift ideas. But forget about the conventional methods of shopping for one moment and think about online stores. There are a wide variety of incredible gift stores for men online, most of them stock exciting new products that you won’t find in most people’s homes.

Lazy Arm Smartphone Holder

This product is basically a really long smartphone holder that frees up your hands to attend to other tasks while you look at your phone. It is one of the coolest gift ideas for guys and it sticks to almost anything in your home. The Lazy Arm Smartphone Holder is happy to hold your phone whenever you need, you can attend to other tasks while making a video call or listen to music. If you purchase a product from a recognised supplier, it will fully rotate 360 degrees, making it great for use in any area of your home.

A Quality Laptop

From paying bills to buying goods, almost everything can be done online these days. Sure, you can send emails, browse the web, and shop for stuff on your phone, but it always helps to have a computer around. If the man of your life doesn’t have one or has been using the same clunky machine since time immemorial, consider getting him a quality laptop as a gift.

When buying a laptop, think about the user’s needs. What do they usually do on a laptop? For ordinary users, who use their device mostly for browsing, watching videos, and using word processors, a midrange laptop will do. Avid gamers will need a laptop with higher specifications. Professionals can work better on a business laptop. Consider how your guy uses his computer so you can choose the most suitable laptop for him.

Sofa Cushion Drink Holder

If you are stuck for ideas and you are close to purchasing a boring gift card for your brother, father, husband or boyfriend, why not consider buying a unique Sofa Cushion Drink Holder? A portable drink holder can be used almost anywhere, they are great for going camping, sitting on the sofa, lying on a boat or chilling at the beach. They keep your beverages upright wherever you go, so you don’t experience any unwanted spillages. A Sofa Cushion Drink Holder doesn’t just store beverages, it is also great for holding your phone or the TV remote.

Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

If you know someone who likes to belt out a tune or two while in the shower, then why not get them a Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker? They come in a range of different colours and they are waterproof to ensure they don’t get damaged. This product has a suction device installed on the bottom, so it sticks to all types of surfaces. They usually come with rechargeable batteries that allow you to listen to music for hours at a time. A Bluetooth Speaker is easy to carry and perfect for use in all kinds of places, it is just limited to your bathroom.

Retro Styled TV Games

If you are looking for a cool gaming console, look no further than a Retro TV Games unit. These products contain hundreds of old games that any guy would love to play. It feels like an old controller and it can be plugged into your TV for an amazing gaming experience. It has an onboard retro gaming library which offers hours and hours of fun.

Forget about the standard old boring present and look for something exciting for your partner, father, brother or friend. Guys like to play with cool new gadgets and anything that seems a little different and unique will catch their attention. The products mentioned above are only a small sample of the many amazing gifts available online.

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