Comfort & Style: The Future of Athleisure


As you’re likely aware, athleisure is the fashion revolution that has taken traditionally athletic clothing items and transformed them into looks you can wear to the office, running errands, or for virtually any other occasion. In recent years, athleisure has taken over wardrobes, but what is the future of this style? One thing is for sure, it’s more than just a fleeting trend.

In fact, athleisure looks flawlessly roll with each new wave of fashion must-haves, like the neon trend, which is why it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. With an emphasis on comfort and style, here’s where we think the future of athleisure is headed.

  • Sustainable Styles

Sustainability has taken over virtually every industry and fashion is no exception. That means we’ll be seeing more athleisure clothing made from responsibly sourced materials. Even now, there are leggings made from organic cotton and shoes manufactured from recycled plastic. You’ll also see more and more plant-based dyes, vegan-friendly materials, and eco-friendly packaging being used for athleisure clothing.

In addition to the actual materials used to create these styles, designers are making an effort to stick to ethical practices. This includes using fair trade avenues, manufacturing in the US, and ensuring that any oversees fabrication follows more ethical standards like fair wages and labor practices.

  • Versatile Footwear

Footwear is an investment in not only your style but your health. As such, there are more and more women moving away from traditionally “feminine” shoes and introducing more supportive solutions into their closet.

Wedges, high heels, and boots definitely have their place but it’s undeniable that workout shoes present an irresistible alternative, especially since they’re available in many colors and styles. Gone are the days where you’re expected to wear uncomfortable shoes for the sake of looking cute.

A solid athleisure footwear investment is black running shoes. Afterall, black goes with everything and it’s always in. If you’re more of a sandal wearer, a pair of slides might be a better option. You can find some to suit your personal style, they even have ones that are decked out in pearls for a dressier look. Both of these athleisure footwear styles allow you to remain comfortable and stylish on-the-go.

  • Inclusive Sizing

The entire fashion industry has seen growing pressure to make brands more size-inclusive. From petite to plus sizes, more and more companies are expanding their styles for size ranges to suit their customers’ demands. However, athleisure has been one of the slowest growing fashion sectors, partially due to the stigma that has  always prevented suitable athletic wear from being available in plus sizes.

Fortunately, this is changing because individuals of all shapes and sizes deserve to be able to enjoy the winning combination of athleisure styles. While some brands are still playing catch-up, we foresee virtually every clothing line getting on board with inclusive sizing for athleisure styles for plus sizes and petite shoppers, even if it takes a minute to scale their production process.

  • Movable Materials

There was once a time when leggings were considered inappropriate for anything but yoga. However, today that’s simply not the case. In fact, they even sell “leggings” that look like slacks. Depending on whether the wearer is planning to spend the day lounging on the couch, catching a flight, or grabbing coffee with the girls, there’s a legging designed for the look you’re going for.

With yoga pants available in virtually any cut, color, and thickness, there’s a pair for every occasion. Now there’s even faux leather leggings that you can easily transition from day to night by switching into a pair of heels.

Above and beyond the staple athleisure pant, denim is slowly taking on the qualities of our favorite bottoms. This trend is only expected to grow as a better iteration of the short-lived “jeggings” trend. Now, there’s a better balance between the traditional look of quality denim and the stretchiness that allows for optimal comfort. Gone are the days where you had to squeeze into your pants that barely button. We’ll increasingly see a movement toward clothes that allow you to run, cuddle, and travel without stopping to change.

With more and more brands competing in the athleisure space, we can say with confidence that athleisure is here to stay and it’ll only get better from here.

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