Coffee Enema – What is it and Why do You Need it?

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There are millions of people in this world who cannot think of anything beyond their first cup of coffee to start the day. The reliance of the modern world on caffeine is increasing by the day and for more reasons than these. A coffee enema is another application of these brown aromatic beans and is the buzzword in the world of health and wellness. Before we delve into the use and benefits of a coffee enema, it is important to understand why the process induces bowels and is being considered as the go-to-therapy for many. For this, you need to ask yourself. “Does the first cup of coffee make you feel energetic and raring to go, or does it create an urge that takes you to the washroom?”

Caffeine, when taken in the form of a hot beverage, can have both these effects. The second principle, wherein coffee encourages bowel movement and helps people enjoy better excretion processes, is used in coffee enemas. Read on to understand this principle further and determine whether this type of enema is suited to your needs or not.

Coffee Enema – A Closer Look

Coffee enemas serve as a useful and alternative technique in the world of medicine. However, there are no significant research or study reports to back the utility and goodness of this process. When you try to find out more about this technique or look up the Internet for a coffee enema recipe, you will get to know more about the other benefits of a coffee enema. As per health experts, the side effects outweigh the benefits and are mostly harmless. Overall, coffee enema is being positioned as an effective means of relieving constipation and helping users prepare themselves for the procedure.

What is Coffee Enema?

In general, an enema refers to the processes related to the insertion of a liquid into the patient’s rectum to bring relief to constipation, or prepare him or her for the bowel procedure to take place easily. It may lead to the possibility of small bowel blockages or maybe fine holes in the bowel. Given this, how does coffee play a role in an enema? Coffee comprises of many healthy components that have the potential of impacting long-standing constipation-related issues positively. Along with a wide range of other substances, coffee has also proved to be helpful for inducing smooth bowel movements. Just as mineral oil, other liquids, or water containing small quantities of soap can aid the process, coffee is also being tried for enema.

There are several health benefits to the credit of coffee enema. These benefits can come to the fore only if the process is carried out in line with the recommendations of a health expert. Cafestol palmitate is an important component (compound) found in coffee that is effective in stimulating the activities and performance of an enzyme called glutathione S-transferase. This enzyme is responsible for opening up the bile duct that’s present in the liver. It helps release more bile to enable further break down of food components and also improves upon the digestion process.

Three other useful components in coffee that are effective in widening the bile duct and blood vessels even further. These are theophylline, theobromine, and caffeine. The widening of the transmission vessels facilitates the bowel movement and makes the process more bearable for users.

Coffee Enema Preparation

The basic ingredients necessary for the preparation of coffee enema are as follows:

  • Caffeinated, organic coffee
  • Pure spring water, or distilled and filtered water. Never use non-boiled tap water for this purpose
  • A glass or stainless-steel vessel for boiling the water in
  • a glass (such as Pyrex) measuring cup of 1 quart
  • A finely meshed sieve
  • A regular but good quality enema kit

In case, you have purchased whole bean coffee, you may want to grind it before use. A medium or large-sized grind would help you solve the purpose. If the coffee is ground too fine, then it will not stay in the sieve and pass out through it. Resultantly, the grounds will come in the way of the enema prepared by you. While this is not harmful to the process, it’s always better to have a ground-free enema. Next, boil the water, add the desired quantities of coffee, and simmer the concoction for about 10 minutes. Once the coffee is ready for use, strain the mix and add filtered and cool water. The final temperature of this mixture should either be at the regular body temperature or slightly below. Once the right temperature is attained, the liquid can be used to administer an enema.

What is the proportion of coffee in the water? If this is your next question then do know that there are several factors to guide and influence the answer. In case it’s the first time that you’re trying a coffee enema then start with a teaspoonful of coffee for best results. This will trigger off a slow detoxification process and will not cause any major side effects or detox reactions. For instance, starting the process with 3-4 tablespoons full of coffee may cause vomiting, nausea, or even hives. In case these symptoms do not occur, there remains a high likelihood of getting jittery by the high dosage of caffeine!

The final step comprises pouring about 2 cups of coffee liquid into the bag and retaining the same for 10 to 15 minutes. You may feel your system getting detoxified almost instantly. It’s recommended that you finely lubricate the edge of your enema kit with coconut oil before inserting the same into the rectum. The coffee should be allowed to flow in slowly and without any disruptions to bring about good results.

Coffee Enema – Get the Process Going

Coffee enema, if performed the right way, can bring in a lot of benefits and detox your system effectively. Get the process underway to get relief from your constipation woes. You may want to seek the advice of your preferred health specialist to gain the best results.

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