Cluster Rings – The New Engagement Ring Wave

Cluster rings have existed for a long time, but in recent years they started getting the attention they deserve. They are basically rings that have smaller stones around a bigger one. The band of a cluster ring is usually simple, but the stones are packed together and they can be different colors and positioned asymmetrically which makes the ring sparkle even more. Another reason to choose a cluster ring for your engagement ring is because it’s less expensive to make them in comparison to the solitaire rings.

Historically, they have made their debut in the Georgian period in the early 18th century. They are often simply made with rose-like designs. About a hundred years later the rings of the Victorian era were much more complex and delicate. With the industrial revolution and new innovations, the jewelry industry reached its peak.

In the very short Edwardian period, floral cluster rings became popular. This ultra-feminine and elegant ring style is perfect for all those hopeless romantics that want timeless pieces with a little twist.

Things started to get in a different direction with the Art Deco period. Bold colors and stones in different shapes and sizes started to take over the jewelry market. Cluster engagement rings were never that dramatic than in the Art Deco period.

Diamond cluster rings are also a wonderful choice if you want to incorporate different birthstones together with the white diamond. Excellent alternative for an anniversary or birthday gift that will make your loved one in awe.

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