Clinical psychologist

Clinical psychologist

Djursland-psykologen is a licensed psychologist clinic with ambitions, personality and an atypical mode of operations. The founder, Frank, is a serial entrepreneur and founded the company in 2018 to integrate the combined advantages of nature, hikes and clinical sessions. Today he delivers physical and mental health benefits through outdoor clinical therapy. The clinic is located just three miles from Mols Bjerge National Park and offers psychologist treatment for depression, stress and anxiety using a combination of hikes, clinical therapy and video chats. Utilizing nature and reducing transport to the clinic earns the clinic a front-runner status as an eco-friendly and atypical psychologist clinic with outdoor therapy in an area with 85,000 inhabitants in the heart of beautiful nature in scenic Djursland.

Nature, video tech and outdoor psychology

The business integrates digital solutions and local psychologist expertise in an area scattered with primarily smaller psychologist clinics consisting of typically a single part-time or full-time psychologist. As such, Djursland-psykologen is a local business centrally located in Djursland, situated between Rønde and Hornslet, near Aarhus, Denmark. The clinic services individuals seeking a career or personal improvement through performance psychology sessions – or who experience stress, anxiety or depression and need treatment by a licensed psychologist. And who has a preference for nature, outdoor clinical sessions and an eco-friendly approach, of course.

Djursland-psykologen | Psykolog for Århus og Djursland – 19 minutter fra Aarhus N

A bit about yourself

Well, my name is Frank. I’m a licensed psychologist educated at Aarhus University, and I’m the founder of the company. I enjoy the variety of tasks involved in launching a new company. I’m also very much attracted to the strategy and business development side of things, but mainly I thoroughly enjoy therapy and counselling sessions, of course. I particularly appreciate developing the company profile into a nature-inclusive practice, where scenic views and hikes in Mols Bjerge National Park take a central position. The success has led to a growing number of clinical sessions with local clients from Rønde, Hornslet, Auning and Ryomgaard, as well as Aarhus, the nearest major city. The emphasis on nature and preservation of nature and water resources has led me into integrating video sessions, as well. This way, the need for transport is reduced and offers the clients a very flexible solution for easily integrating the psychologist appointments into a busy schedule, too. I personally enjoy the combination of nature, technology and psychology. A way of practising as a clinical psychologist I haven’t found elsewhere and which led me into founding Djursland-psykologen.

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