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Its Mine Clothing Labels

If you are a creator of handmade items then give your items your trademark in the most classic style. Going for your own customized label not only looks good when affixed with the item but gives your brand a unique identity reflecting your style and taste.

Whatever be the reason of making your handmade items, be it for gifting, business or a good cause, you can always go for the most unique, classic and vibrant ways to give it your or your brand’s name. Its Mine Knitting Labels is an initiative that is known to offer some of finest readymade and customized sewed labels.

Its Mine has a huge collection of embroidered sewing labels as well as iron on fabric labels for handmade items. The craftsmen have the skill to get that emotion you have for the particular handmade item over the label, to make sure that the aura of the brand gets reflected through the embroidered sewing label.

Some of the woven sew labels available at Its Mine are as follows:

  • Sew-On 3/8″ Classic Woven Labels
  • Sew-On 5/8″ Classic Woven Labels
  • Sew-On 1″ Designer Woven Labels
  • Sew-On 1/2″ Designer Woven Labels
  • Sew-On 1/2″ Woven ID Labels
  • Sew-On 1″ Woven ID Labels

On the other hand, some of the iron on fabric labels available here at Its Mine are as follows:

  • Iron-On 3/8″ Classic Woven Labels
  • Iron-On 5/8″ Classic Woven Labels
  • Iron-On Black Satin Labels
  • Iron-On White Satin Labels
  • Iron-On Standard Labels

The Iron-On Black Satin Labels and Iron-On White Satin Labels are printed thin and soft iron on labels whereas Iron-On Standard Labels are Thin, durable, general-purpose iron on clothing labels.

Each of them is different in its way such as: some are ideal for clothing, linens, handmade items, crafts, etc. and while others are for bed and bath linens, etc. While some can have only 1 to 2 lines text while others can have 1, 2 and 3 lines of text.

The text lines embroidered over the labels are made easy to read with block lettering as well as variety of colors. Some are available in quantities as low as 10, in quantities of 36, 72 or 144, in quantities of 20 and in quantities of 100 as well.

All the products of Its Mine are very appealing labels of all time with huge scope of customers including wearer, handcrafter, or business. For more information about designer classic woven labels by Its Mine visit the website right today!

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