Classic Specs Review: Amherst Carbon Black Sunglasses

Nora Gouma, Classic Specs

The Amherst sunglasses are elegant and classy that won’t go out of style.

During the summer its really hot in Miami you have to wear sunglasses during the day or at least a hat. I have a lot of big framed sunglasses in vibrant colors but thought it’s time for a smaller classy frame. When I discovered Classic Specs I was happy to see the classic silhouettes and craftsmanship. The Amherst sunglasses from Classic Specs that I’m wearing comes in a black case and not to forget I received my sunglasses within a week.

nora gouma, classic specs

What I love most is the timeless elegant silhouette,  some sunglasses you can only wear a season but these sunglasses last and don’t go out of style. You can spice up any outfit with these sunglasses, I paired it up with my favorite summer dress. Besides the classy frame the quality is great. I honestly had a few scratches on some older sunglasses but Classic Specs sunglasses looks durable. It’s made with Italian acetate and stainless steel reinforced hinges and crafted in LA. Let me know what you think of these sunglasses and what frames do you prefer? I have to say a classy frame never goes out of style!

nora gouma, classic specs


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