Circo Manual Dishwasher

Circo is a manual dishwasher which was designed around small residential area’s And address’s people who are unable to buy a dishwasher due to lack of space Or lack of income and are forced to wash dishes by hand and by that hurt the environment by wasting water and wasting precious time.

Circo does not use the infrastructure of water and electricity is not needed at all was designed to swap the Dish-Drying Cabinet and was made for the modern urban kitchen In addition, it combines the ideal solution to the problem of accumulation of dirty dishes piled in the sink.

Background concept:

The current trend for electrical appliances is gaining momentum in recent years and sets strict standards for energy savings and environmental pollution measured in the consumption of electricity, water and heat emission.

Studies show that by 2050 about 75% of the global population will live in large cities. With this growth will increase demand for the utilization of urban living space and energy efficiency.

At the same time, will increase the demand for urban infrastructure and resources for satisfying the daily needs of the residents of the cities.

The concept seeks to stretch the boundaries of design and present viable concept

Conceptual development potential for home electrical standards of the future.

The concept presents a trend of optimizing the characteristic needs of household electrical goods industry with optimal fit for the urban environment and ecology.

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